Games For Family Fun Day!

Games for Family Fun Day

Games For Family Fun Day

You were a kid once right? Don’t you remember playing hide and seek excited and nervous that someone would find you!? The anticipation used to kill me lol! I ran so fast I was rarely caught. I look back at those days and just think about how quick my son is growing up.  There are so many games kids love that you can play with them. I set up a list of games for family fun day that I used to play  growing up!

1. Tag

This game is not only fun for your kids, but a great workout for you!  It gets the blood pumping and running around will reduce that stubborn belly you’re trying to lose. You can play it almost anywhere (not tile floor, you will regret it if you or the kids fall).

2. Hide & Seek

One of my all time favorite games is hide and seek. It was so much fun playing it at night in the backyard because it was difficult to be spotted! The person that is it counts to 10 or 20 and everyone scatters and hides while they go find them! I can guarantee you even grownups will have fun playing this game.

3. Marco Polo

Marcooo, Polooo! Can you get near a pool or do you have one!? Either way get to swimming and play this similar hide and seek game but in the water! The player who is it has to close their eyes and blindly follow everyone’s voices saying “polo” when they say “Marco” in the pool. Eventually someone gets caught and has to be it…

4. Board Games

Guess who, Monopoly, Life, those were the days, and they still are! Grab a board game and sit with your kids and have a blast! Trouble was also a classic game, it’s one of my moms favorite games.

5. Charades

This game is so silly it will sure to have everyone in the room laughing as they are trying to guess what or who you are! I was never really good at charades but it was still fun! The way we used to play it was the typical way. The player who is it has to represent and act out without speaking, what they are! Everyone has to guess, the person who was right gets a point.

To wrap it up…

These are all games that get your blood pumping and kids have a blast playing them! I know I do haha. Just because you’re a grown up doesn’t mean you can’t run around every now and then and let go. Kids have always enjoyed playing these games for as long as I can remember. Go outside and have some fun, especially for the younger kids, and you’ll benefit too. Any questions or comments feel free to ask Linda, thank you!

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