Fun Ways to Read With Your Child


Hello everybody! I hope everyone is enjoying reading time!? Wait, no? What do you mean your kid hates to read!? Do you have one of those kids that no matter how much you try, they just don’t latch on to be a bookworm? I have made a list below of a few fun ways to read with your child, check them out!


Make a play out of it!

Sit together in a circle and choose a main narrator. Let your kids pick what characters they want to be, and act it out, voice and all! This is guaranteed to get your kids excited about story time, and it will make them feel like they are in the book.


Read outdoors!

Why stay bunched up in the house reading, especially on a beautiful day!? Grab a blanket, throw it on the grass, sand, whatever is around you lol, and enjoy nature and reading! This gets kids excited about reading because they can spend time outdoors, and with family while learning.


Read with a bright flashlight in the dark!

My kids love story time when we do this. Reading in the dark is bad, but not if you have a super bright flashlight! Pass the book around and let everyone read 1-2 pages each turn. This greatly increases your child’s learning and reading!


Give rewards!

Whenever you ask your child a question about the book and they answer correctly, reward them! Whenever my kids answer correctly, I congratulate them and they get to pick out a sticker. It really builds their confidence! Rewards are still given to those who try, but a smaller sticker instead, everyone wins!


To wrap it up…

Try one of the methods above, or try all of them and tell me how it goes! Reading should be fun, not a chore! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to tell or ask Linda below thank you! Remember, life is easier when you think like Linda!:)

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