Fun Halloween Activities For Kids!


Halloween is so much fun! Put on your creative brain and start getting creative with me! I always find fun things to do a month or 2 before Halloween. Kids always have a blast with me and if there are some things that are too scary, I show fun things instead!


1. Baking Halloween cookies


Mmmh! Both yummy and delicious this is one of my favorite parts of Halloween, baking the goodies! These are easy, come prepared to bake, and takes less than 15 minutes and all ages can enjoy a taste! Grab a cup of cold milk and start dunking! But of course, safety first, don’t forget your mitten and  tray holder to avoid burns!


2. Dress up time!

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I love a good scary mask! If your child is afraid of your mask, slowly ease them into touching, feeling, and looking at the mask. Laugh at it and slap the mask a few times, tug it and make it funny not scary so they can see that it’s ok! I do not however chase the toddlers around with the mask, only the older kids who know it’s a game (7+). Sometimes certain games can be too scary for the little ones. So don’t traumatize them, it can be a scar carried for life.


3. Carving pumpkins!

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This is both fun and memorable! Carving pumpkins is fun and easy! I went to youtube and watched a few videos then decided to try it on my own. My nephew(in the picture) and I decided to go to the store to pick up a pumpkin a week before Halloween. We did it together and he had lots of fun, but eventually got tired of spooning the gunk out haha!


4. The memorable pictures

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Every picture is memorable and holds a thousand meanings. The pictures I take are both sentimental and meaningful. It’s something that will allow you to have that memory forever to look back on, and smile thinking about that day.


5. Costume fun and trick or treating!!

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The first picture, my son, was a pumpkin! I made it myself! All I used was a bright orange baggie, permanent marker, and scissors! I put a regular black t-shirt on him and some black sweatpants since it was a bit chilly. And he looked so adorable everywhere we went people complimented him! My nephews costume was actually a suit his parents bought him to represent his dad who was in the Navy at that time. He even got his last name imprinted on it, a truly adorable soldier!


To wrap it up…


A costume can be made or be bought, cookies are delicious fresh baked, capture moments, carving pumpkins and dressing up are fun activities! Halloween is so much fun just for the fun activities there are! Remember when going trick or treating, take a flashlight and use the buddy system. When you get home check your candy and throw out the bad ones. Have fun and I will have more ideas soon for fun Halloween things to do with your children! Any questions or comments feel free to ask Linda below, thank you!

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