Fun Activities To Do With Your Children

Fun Activities To Do With Your Children

Children tend to have minds of their own, it’s up to us, the parents, to mold them into responsible young adults. Teach them how to color and draw, write their names, things like that. There are so many things to be taught in so little time but it’s possible. It can be done through fun activities like flash cards  a day outside, and even your older kids can help out! Here’s a list of 5 Fun Activities To Do With Your Children! This list is suitable for age groups 2-4.

1.      Instead of T.V., try giving them a book

babies reading

You can teach them to read at a young age, and even if they can’t read, just let them look at the pictures. Read a book with them at night or in the mornings, they will benefit from this and get a head start in literature. When they get a little older you can ask them what part they liked the most, but for now stick to “what color is this, and what are they doing, kind of questions.” After about 30 minutes of them spending time with the book every day with you, they’ll be telling YOU what’s going to happen next! Even a coloring book will do wonders, they can learn to read and color at the same time!

2.      Flashcards are great!


Try to do flashcards as much as possible. When they learn the words you’ll be surprised when you hear “look at that mommy a tree”! It’s amazing that he remembered that from 3 days ago. A child’s brains is like a sponge,  they will remember 85% of things you taught them 2 to 3 days ago. Show them 5 flashcards at a time and use those for 2 days, then add 1 to it every day till you reach 10. Stick to those and practice them for 10 to 15 minutes a day, results will be quick! Then begin using the other flashcards gradually and they will learn them too!

3.      Older kids are a huge help!



Before I met my boyfriend and his 8 year old daughter (I consider my stepdaughter, in the last pic feeding my niece^_^ ) my son barely spoke at all! Being an only child and only getting to see his older cousin who is 6(red shirt) my son barely spoke much. But after he began spending time with her every day, within a few weeks he started saying her name, counting to 10, saying he wanted water, and little phrases that got me so happy! She’s still teaching him today, he repeats what she says. It’s dinner time, let’s go outside, Rudy share lol everything! Get your older kids to spend more time with your little one, you’ll be surprised at how much they learn.

4.      Enjoy the great outdoors!


Show them that there is more to life than just staying inside (especially those saying “I want to watch TV”). Teach them to ride a tricycle, give them a beach ball, a cup full of ice cold water, sunscreen and go outside with them! Teach them about the grass, the trees and all the fluttery things they see, like butterflies! Tell them the colors, and to look at the big blue sky with all the white clouds. It really is a beautiful day outside today, let them live and learn, play catch or tag with them!

5.   Bath time is fun not scary!


 My son hated the water, like HATED IT! Try adding some toys to bath time and they will learn to loosen up more. Put some music on, and sing to them, play with their toys for them and make them feel comfortable, don’t put too much water in the tub; Just enough to cover the belly button. I don’t wash my sons hair everyday, I usually do it twice a week to avoid drying out his curls (pics are of my son at almost 9 months old). Wet your face with the water, laugh, and show them it’s not so scary!

To wrap it up…

Raising children is not easy, especially when you’re a single parent. I admire all the stay at home mothers and fathers because it’s not easy, probably one of the toughest jobs I know, but greatest and rewarding! Since my son lives with me, it’ gives me more time to teach him and watch him grow. To all the parents out there keep your head up, you will miss this time period of learning and growth, they grow up so fast! Feel free to ask me any questions or comment, thank you!

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