Eczema and Teething Babies: Natural Solutions for Better Sleep


Scritch scratch scratch scratch is what we hear at night. We’ve tried it all, mittens, socks, soothing Epsom salt baths followed by intense moisturizing, cutting and filing nails, nothing seems to be working. In one day our son will be 1 years old and I’m desperate! Everyone needs sleep and when you don’t start getting much of it, tend to get a bit loony (or at least I do). If you feel like me then keep reading, I may have found some solutions to all our problems and your babies too!

I’m a person for one that NEEDS sleep. Sometimes daddy stays up with him and helps out, but a couple nights (not in a row, during the week) of sleep aren’t enough for my brain to function well! I’m usually the most cheerful girl, all smiles and very friendly, however, without sleep…


I turn into a grouchy monster that everyone stays away from lol. I decided to write about my nightmare of dealing with eczema on TOP of dry CF (cystic fibrosis) skin.

We’ve literally tried everything you can think of. I’ve been researching nonstop on ways to help get the poor little guy some rest, but none of them are working! I seriously feel on the edge of snapping and running to the moon sometimes! If your child has eczema this post will essentially help! Eczema and Teething Babies: Natural Solutions for Better Sleep!


Amber necklace


Every mom swears by this and I swear I might buy it! This necklace is supposed to be worn by your baby all day and night. It has been said to help in these ways: anti-inflammatory, drooling and teething pain reduction. I really want to give this a go and see if it works because this no sleep is seriously affecting everyone in the house!


Teething Tablets


With no artificial flavors, dyes, and being benzocaine free, these tablets are in the top lead nearing 5 stars with over 440 reviews. Sounds like worth a try to me! They are soft tablets that apparently dissolve quickly in mouth or under tinge for baby (no choking!).


Helpful tips from Linda:

1. Get a baby wash cloth and dip in a a cup of baby water , place in zip lock bag and freeze. When it’s nice and frozen, give to baby to mash down, this helps teething greatly!

2. Frozen carrots or other frozen fruits like bananas are great teethers, I’ve even read of frozen bagels, hey whatever works best!

3. For those using Paci’s, frozen pacifier. Submerge pacifier in water and let nipple fill with water, freeze then give to baby for instant soothing!

Dealing with eczema and teething babies is not easy, but there is hope!

Hope this helps, write below to let me know your favorite teething methods from when your kids were/are little? Thanks happy sleep (hopefully)!

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