Delicious and Healthy Halloween Snacks!


Hi everyone! Searching through pinterest stirs up many ideas when you’re in need of a healthy snack! Is it possible to have delicious AND healthy Halloween snacks!? Linda thinks yes lol, check them out:


 1. Banana ghouls and tangerine pumpkins!

These look super yummy and amazingly easy to do! I know what I’ll be doing with those leftover bananas!! Now time to go to the store and get some tangerines lol! Your kids will be guaranteed to love these!


2. Blackberry Cantaloupe kabobs!

Super easy! Just get some kabob sticks at your local supermarket, some cantaloupe, and a couple of baskets of blueberries! They even sell cantaloupe chopped up for those who don’t wish to cut it or know how:).



3. Peanut butter apple bites!

Do you have a peanut butter sweet tooth?? Try these for your kiddies! Yummy and nutritious, after all, your child will get enough sweets on Halloween night, so why not make healthy snacks!?

Monster Mouths for Halloween


4. String cheese fingers!

Way too cute, I love cheese a little too much lol! You can make the fingernail any color, I use food coloring or jello:).

witch fingers




5. Halloween deviled egg eyeballs!

I’m starving! Hmm, eggs, food coloring, eyeballs! I have got to try this idea it is too cute! My four year old loooooves eggs lol, he will really love these:)




To wrap it up…


Why not make your little ones some delicious and healthy Halloween snacks this year? Sure it’s ok to have a cupcake every now and then, but by creating these or fun ideas of your own, you’re showing your child healthier Halloween treats! I honestly eat these snacks up when I make them, lol, they’re too good! I’m going to take it easy on the deviled egg eyeballs, causes too much unwanted gas lol. Any questions or comments, feel free to ask Linda below, thank you!


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