Creative Ways to Serve Fruit Kabobs!


Packing and moving is hard work, but onto new beginnings and new recipes! I love fruits and inventive ways to eat things which is what brought this idea along! The other night  we made Meat kabobs for dinner and I thought, hey! Why not make fruit kabobs instead of the ordinary fruit bowl we enjoy? I wanted to give a very special thanks to the Pinterest users mentioned below. Thanks to you I came across these very creative ways to serve fruit kabobs!



This activity can be for ages 4 and up with proper supervision such as:

  1. Supervise younger children with kabobs sticks; remove sharp pointy part for them.
  2. Watch and help the younger children.
  3. Always supervise from beginning to end!!!
  4. Lastly, enjoy!!

Our Dinner the other night: delicious!!

(Cantaloupe, grapes, sweet cherry tomatoes, beef stew barbecue and glazed with sweet and sour sauce, cubes of sharp cheddar cheese)



1. The Grinch a delicious and healthy holiday treat: Mini Kabobs!

Posted by: Nourishing Minimalism and Cindy Sevy on Pinterest

Yes I know, Christmas in July, well why not? These are creative ! Get creative with your strawberries, grapes, mini marshmallows and bananas! Draw a face on and you can have little mini Grinches for a healthy holiday snack.



2. Watermelon Grill with fruit kabobs

Posted By: Alice Fagundes on Pinterest

This creative and delicious idea sparked the eye of my step daughter who is turning 11 next month, she loved it! Whether you’re having a barbecue, social gathering or get together with family and neighbors, this is sure to have everyone talking!



3. Caterpillar Fruit Kabobs

Posted by: Must have mom on Pinterest

These cute kabobs are sure to get your picky fruit eaters eating! The little eyes are such a cute touch, enjoy this fun snack for your little ones.




4. Magic Wand Fruit Kabobs

Posted by: The Melrose Family on Pinterest

Feeling magical?! If the answer is yes, this is the activity for you and your princess!



To wrap it up…

Please take advantage, go to your local fruit store and pick up these delicious must have bites! Today looks a bit stormy but I know what I’m making for sure, fruit kabobs! Thank you, please comment Linda below with pictures of your creations!

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