Creative Halloween Ideas!

Creative Halloween Ideas

I love Halloween! The pumpkins, the scary stories and free candy! But my favorite part would be making costume ideas! Halloween to me is that one night where you can be anybody you want to be, scary, funny, silly or just crazy. It’s a time to pull out the decorations and start putting together your Creative Halloween Ideas! I love getting into the Halloween spirit by going all out, whether it’s clowning around, or maybe a horrible disfigured face. The whole point is fun! My nephews and son are not afraid of my costumes because I show them it’s fake. These are some of my top creative moments from last years Halloween, this year is sure to be great!


1. Zombie face, walking dead little girl.

This was one of my favorites, in fact, I still have the piece I used and it can be used again! But I’m not doing it this year, no repeats! I got it from this cool cat’s channel, her name is Mel Rose, this is the

link  Zombie Mouth Halloween Tutorial (The Walking Dead Inspired). Am I pretty?

156397_10151316033173619_2132257170_n 63144_10151316031643619_1462583698_n

2. Just Clowning Around: Kray the Klown lol

Pretty creepy but really unique!! I got this idea from Melissa Bernard Halloween Series 2011: Killer Clown Makeup Tutorial

on youtube. The video is very thorough, I did alternate many makeups she used and just used what I had, but it ended up working and turning out somewhat creepy yet cute, right?

9268_10151298455908619_2008215508_n 578568_10151298455793619_275730850_n

3. Sliced

I got these ideas by mistake when I accidentally got fake vampire blood on my face while doing the killer clown tutorial, it looked like someone sliced me, I loved it! My son saw it and I decided to let him have a little too!

203_10151298451933619_227291354_n 598725_10151298449643619_483701666_n

4. Creepy Doll And Cobwebs

The leading lady on the right side is my mother hahaha. I did her makeup and she loved it, she went to work like this too! I did cobwebs on her face, dark purple lipstick and dark smudges of black under her eyes. We threw on a halo and horn along with a neon green hair extension! Tada! Talk about combination! And the darling doll on the left is me! I gave it a corpses bride along with sally from the nightmare before Christmas kind of theme. But to me it reminds me of a monster high doll:D

299431_10151298457763619_1040662022_n 32406_10151316033128619_1590352428_n

5. Sassy Kitty’s!!

This was fun and easy and can even be done with basic lip gloss, lipstick, and eyeliner lol! Me and my sister rocked these outfits during our day errands lol, meooow!


 317256_10151316031453619_1198362850_n 16982_10151316031553619_1540373766_n


To wrap it up…


Halloween can be either fun, scary, or both! I did all these designs within 2 days just having fun. I ended up being the zombie mouth because it was just creepy:) from scarf seemed a pretty girl, but when scarf was taken down!! Oh my oh my! If you need anymore ideas I will be coming with more for you to see, this year we’re going to do it big! Halloween 2013 is going to be fun. Be safe, and remember, and questions or comments, ask Linda! Thank you!


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