5 Fun Halloween Activities for Kids!


Hey everyone!! Halloween is right around the corner, yikes, such little time to plan! Here are 5 fun Halloween activities for kids!

1. Make your own costumes

Let your creative sign show as you design your own costume! Go to an arts and crafts store and get the materials and decors you will need for your costumes.

2. Go trick or treating!

There’s nothing better than free candy when you’re a kid! Take your kids around the block or even down your local neighborhood to get delicious treats. I love when my kids get to enjoy a night out with their family trick or treating. It’s great exercise due to all the walking, and even jogging to get free candy.

3. Make some spooky crafts

Why not make your own decorations for Halloween! Let your creative mind let your hands do the talking! Three are many Halloween activities to do. Doing at least 2 to 3 activities a week during October will get you into the Halloween spirit!

4. Go to haunted houses

Make your Halloween night even spookier by going to local haunted houses and getting a Halloween spook (not too scary though). Make the night unforgettable with plenty of photographs for scrapbooks later.

5. Visit your local libraries for Halloween books to read

Get plenty of fun Halloween books for your little ones to read with you. Remember, make the books fun for the little ones, and spooky for the older children. Halloween is great because it can be scary or fun!


To wrap it up…


Halloween is a night that only comes once a year, take advantage of that night and make the memories unforgettable. Halloween should be a holiday that brings families closer together by doing crafts and spending time together. Enjoy your Halloween preparation, 29 days left! Any questions or comments feel free to write Linda below, thank you!

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