Pretend Interview With Rihanna!!

Rihanna - Studio Photos

If I could have an interview with any celebrity, I’d have to pick Rihanna. Welcome to my pretend interview with Rihanna!

I love Rihanna!!♥ I’m a huge fan and would love to meet her. Since that’s not happening anytime soon OBVIOUSLY -_- lol I created a mini list of 5 questions I would ask her: OF COURSE remember, I’m just having fun. I know this will not actually happen lol, but it sure is nice to dream, right?


1. Would you go to the mall with me on a daily outing?

Come on I can dream can’t I??! What if she answers yes! Man we would shop till we drop! (She’s buying) lol. First stop, chuck Taylor, afterwards we can get some matching bikini’s and we can twerk with money in the air lol.

2. Would you allow me to perform a duet with you or have a recording session?

MY DREAM! lol, Rihanna and my voice together as one!! What would be more epic than that! I would even shut up, play my keyboard and let her sing! I love her voice, it’s different and unique.

3. Can we jet fly to visit Barbados and hang out on the beach then afterward go to my country: Dominican Republic and hit the beaches there too?

Seriously! Hitting the beach with Rihanna has been a dream of mine since, forever! Rihanna not only has an amazing body, but she knows how to live it up on the beach!! That would be so much fun to spend a day with her soaking up the rays and splashing around. She works hard, but when it comes time for vacationing, the girl can party.

4. What is your favorite hairstyle to rock during the summer?

I should know this…but don’t! Come on what do you think? That I spend my day in the trunk of her car seeing what she eats, does, and says?? No.-_-, I don’t think I would stoop to that level. the girl deserves her privacy. In my opinion, I think she prefers her hair short during the summer:)

5. What hair color are you thinking of next?

I can definitely say I love when she goes red. If I were to have her in front of me right now, she’d most likely say “Red” haha. It looks amazing on her and the color itself really matches her fierce personality.


Bad gal Ri ri interview, over!! Any questions or comments feel free to ask Linda below, thank you and don’t forget to laugh!! I’m a mess hahaha.

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