Celebrities With Natural Hair: Erykah Badu Queen of Neo-Soul!


Good afternoon everybody!!! You ready for this?! I decided to write about celebrities with natural hair: Erykah Badu queen of neo-soul! Not only is she an amazing singer, she’s a natural! It is empowering to find a celebrity now days that has natural hair! There’s a few handfuls of these natural beauties like Solange, Lauren hill, Macy Gray, etc.


My favorite song from Erykah is Call Tyrone. Not only is her singing beautiful, but she’s a comedian as well in this song! Check it out below!


Her natural hair is so beautiful and long! Who needs a wig with that much hair!!? The best part is, she doesn’t make her hair a statement, she just embraces her curls and that’s amazing.


Her thoughts on the natural hair movement:


I really don’t [think] a lot about how people wear their hair right now, cause I’d rather see a person with a natural mind and processed head than a processed mind and natural head. source (BET) interview: link http://curlology.blogspot.com/2011/11/erykah-badu-super-natural.html


There is so much truth behind those words! She is a neo-soul artist who loves performing. She happens to be a favorite celebrity of mine due to I am an artist too! I’m not neo soul, but I can jam on a keyboard, write my owns songs, and sing good (as I’ve been told)!

Erykah’s known as the super natural, I can clearly see why! She even styles her own hair in variety of artistic ways. I love the wraps and different scarves she wears on her hair! See some of her best styles, click here! 


Her hairs come a long way and from short to long! She’s an amazing woman and mother of three beautiful children.

She’s come a long way and has worked very had to get where she is making her, check out her bio here to learn more!


 To wrap it up…

Give it up for the neo-soul Queen, Erica Abi Wright or as you know her, Erykah Badu queen of neo-soul! Any questions or comments, feel free to tell Linda below, thank you! Have a natural day!

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