Great Night Time Skin Care Regimen

Skin Care

I’ve mentioned this product before in my other post Beauty Remedies Using Coconut Oil ! I had that skin care regimen mixed in with a bunch of other oils, but… I recently changed it up. Instead of every week I wanted to use this oil every night!

I’ve put together this skin care regimen not only for me, it is sure to leave you with flawless, radiant skin every night before bed!

Pure Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil



1. Why my old skin care regiment didn’t work…

When I take my shower before bed every night, iv’e been doing this regimen for my skin and it’s been giving me significant improvements! I still do my other regimen which leaves my skin glossed up for hours, but I do it once a week. It was beginning to become an oily situation, lol! This oil is amazing and it kills the smell of castor oil, which I can add, is not the most alluring smell.

2. My new skin care regimen, it’s awesome!

As soon as I get out of the shower, I don’t towel dry anymore. That promoted ashy skin and I don’t need all of that! So what I began to do was apply this oil to my skin while wet, put on underwear and sports bra, walk around and let it seep in my skin till it dried (10-15 min).

3. Skin care improvements!

After about 2 months of doing this I began to see my skin lighten to a golden brown the way it used to be! I was finally an even complexion instead of the usual dark here, lighter there complexion I was before. This oil smells so good and leaves my skin feeling smooth till the next night! The other oil mix is also gives me the same great results but that regimen is for once a week, this coconut oil is for every night.

I’m always getting compliments about how nice and soft my skin has been looking and smelling! I have a radiant like glow when I apply this oil, and best of all… I LOVE THE SMELL! It’s good enough to eat and even though I still love my almond, castor, & jojoba oil, they don’t smell so yummy -_-.

When I mix these oils together, and add more coconut, it over powers the smell! But I only mix more coconut for the one week glossy cover. I do still use the old oil regimen because it does wonders for my stretch marks / scars. However to coat my ENTIRE body every night coconut oil by itself works best :) ! Smooth, silky, and ashy free, enjoy! Any questions or comments feel free to ask Linda below, thank you!

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