Linda’s Update on tummy After Baby Number 2!


Hi hi everybody are you ready for this!? Here I go again getting bold and baring my belly for all of you to see, I just want you to see how amazing natural products can be for your skin. My youngest son Anthony just turned 1 years old last month and someone commented on my pregnancy and stretchmarks post saying how they would love to see my tummy results. I decided to write this very post to answer their question, thanks for commenting! Here is Linda’s update on tummy after baby number 2!

If you click below, you will find my previous post on my tummy before now:

How to fade old stretchmarks with a new pregnancy


I can start by saying I am very pleased with how my sides look, yet, still working on the wrinkly skin around my belly button. Other than that, my stretchmarks have nearly faded! I can say, I still have work to do, but the results are coming out pretty good:) Here they are:

IMG_20150513_095614757_HDR IMG_20150513_095618544 IMG_20150513_095623567_HDR


Due to me being so tiny (92 lbs final weight 123) and having such a big boy (first one 7lbs 4 oz) my stomach ripped and now my bellybutton pokes out a little. I have loose skin but it wrinkles, not sagging. I have come a long way.


Ever since I started using Dudu Osun nearly 3 years ago now along with shea butter, it has really turned things around for me. These two beautiful boys below are why my tummy is the way it is, so whoever thinks anything otherwise of my belly, just look at these two darlings then ask me if it matters?

IMG_20150507_083754414 IMG_20150510_165930362-COLLAGE IMG_20150512_142826809


I hope you enjoyed my post and that I help anyone out there struggling with stretchmarks and loose skin. Using shea butter and dudu osun brightened up my stomach and blended in better the stretchmarks! My stomach used to be dark and the stretchmarks where white, it looked odd. Now it’s brightened up and I am very happy with my results so far and will continue on my journey for a clearer tummy, take care! Any questions or comments, stories, anything , write Linda below thank you so much!

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