How To Fade Old Stretch Marks With A New Pregnancy


Are you wondering how to fade old stretch marks with a new pregnancy?

Stretch marks, battle scars, tiger scratches, whatever you wish to call them, are all scars we receive during pregnancy, rapid weight gain, or puberty. These little and big lines are buried in our skin, scarring us and giving us a different appearance. I felt super self conscious about my stretch marks, like…



Super Self conscious!!


I know they are my battle scars and I should not be ashamed of them and rock them proudly…But I wanted to experiment in this pregnancy and see if I can actually get them to fade while my skin is stretching again.

Then I noticed a huge difference between both pregnancies…

In this picture I was pregnant with my first son. He did a number on me haha. I was so tiny and small that at the age of 18, my stomach got  shredded! RAWR looks like a tiger ripped my stomach apart (dramatic) :)!  He was born a month before my 19th birthday and I was very happy, but very sad to see the changes that took over my stomach during those long 9 months. I got very depressed :( and began product hunting for things that would remove stretch marks. I didn’t use anything at all to protect my stretching skin in my first pregnancy, which resulted in this. I never even scratched! I never imagined I’d be posting pictures of my old stretched out stomach for the world to see, but here they are lol.


It was only then that I discovered Dudu Osun and Shea butter in December 2012, that I began seeing a difference. In one month my skin toned evenly and my boyfriend and I couldn’t believe the difference! In July we were both surprised that we were pregnant! This is OUR first baby together  and we’re both very happy! I began taking better care of my skin in December 2012. But when I began the new regimen for my stretchmarks during the pregnancy, I compared these two pictures and saw a dramatic difference!!


Using these products, not only did my skin tone even out, my stretch marks began to fade! My stomach has never looked better! I am currently 33 weeks pregnant and counting!:D

1. Dudu Osun African Black soap

2. Johnson’s Baby Oil with Shea and Cocoa

3. Shea Butter Unrefined

My stretch marks are beginning to blend in with my skin tone and my skin is evening out! I can’t wait to see the difference by this Christmas holiday of my tummy. I have a little one in there constantly stretching my belly out, so I make sure I hydrate with oil and Shea every night after my shower with Dudu Osun.

This is how I’ve been doing it:

1. I shower with water that is warm, NOT HOT, using my Dudu Osun African Black soap ( hot water causes the skin to dry out and that is no bueno, not good for your stretch marks).

2. After my shower, I smooth on my  Johnson’s Baby Oil with Shea and Cocoa all over my body, massaging it in while my skin is still wet. The trick behind this is the moisture gets locked into your skin better, letting the oil absorb easily into the scars, slowly toning out your skin.

3. After the oil seeps in, I grab my Shea Butter and massage it all over my tummy, and anywhere else I see stretch marks.


To wrap it up…

If you are dedicated and do this everyday, you will have results! I know I’m seeing results and can’t believe it! I can imagine that in less than 2 years, I will possibly be stretchmark-less lol!! All this time I thought baby oil was for babies, until I discovered the secret behind it. Now that my skin is beginning to stretch out more, it is no longer itching thanks to my routine. Massaging Shea and cocoa oil and Shea butter daily after my shower, has worked wonders on my stretch marks, as you can see the difference! Any questions or comments, feel free to ask Linda below, thank you!

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  • Neisha Jo

    What does your tummy look like now? Just wondering if there’s hope for the future.

    • Linda De La Cruz

      A better future is indeed out there for our tummies! I am writing a post on my belly after baby # 2 update so you can see the way it looks now, definitely good results!:)