3 Ways to Naturally Reduce Stretch Marks


I’ve run across three products that have amazingly faded my stretch marks and skin imperfections!! Believe it or not they are cheap and easy to use. It just takes time and patience to see results but over time you will watch as your stretch marks fade away naturally. :)

This first amazing product has changed the way I lotion and moisturize. It is one of my top secrets for stretch mark removal. This combined with African Black Soap (Dudu Osun) has made wonders for my uneven skin tone, stretch marks and wrinkly stomach from my pregnancy. It is so much smoother now and looks WAAAY better than it did 2 weeks after birth! Here are my 3 ways to Naturally Reduce Stretch Marks!


1. Shea Butter

Truly a miracle cream, this product has changed my life forever! It carefully works to reconstruct collagen and aides in stretch mark removal. I came across it online while I was searching for ways to remove my stretch marks that wouldn’t be so…oh…I don’t know… EXPENSIVE! Made from pure Shea Nuts this product is the number one moisturizer used by young and old. I purchased 100% Pure Unrefined Organic Raw SHEA BUTTER – (1 Pound) and I love it! It comes from the nut of the African Ghana Shea Tree, and is handmade by women and men, not machines.


Let’s face it…

Everyone is trying to find the miracle aide to natually reduce stretch marks, but I have to admit, this one has changed my stomach tremendously. It smells amazing and is very smooth and goes on easy. It smells so sweet almost like hot cocoa infused with a hint of peanut butter, yum makes me hungry! This is the easiest thing to use, you just need to take a chunk off, store away the rest (not in the fridge unless you like it cold lol), and use what you will need till next time (which may be a while, it lasts a long time)! :) You can use this after a lukewarm shower (hot water is terrible for all skin), or even on the go!


2. Baby oil

As strange as that sounds, baby oil has been known to smooth and soften skin, it moisturizes skin to be healthy and firmer. I saw a woman shopping with a bikini top ( I know funny) and she had four kids with her  all saying mommy and I couldn’t believe her stomach she looked like a model! I wasn’t trying to stare and be rude but it was just amazing, I was like “she is so lucky”. I started a conversation with her about stretch marks and kids, that’s the kind of person I am now, I’ll talk to a total stranger like i’ve known them for years. Since I had my son with me, he was 2 years old at the time, she told me her story and I couldn’t believe it! :)


She told me her secret was baby oil!

YES BABY OIL! She never tried anything else; she said after 3 years every stretch marks was almost invisible to the naked eye ( I was now a believer, no not belieber lol )! She told me how she used it to change her skin, which she said was pretty bad after 4 kids. I now use Johnson’s Baby Oil Shea and Cocoa Butter, 20 Ounce (Pack of 2) after a shower (when I remember haha), don’t dry your stomach, too much, it works best on damp skin, it smells really good too! Who knows, everyone’s skin is different; maybe it’ll be faster for you if you’re a fast healer, ( and you might have a better memory than me -__- lol).!


3. Dudu Osun (African Black Soap)

Dudu, Dudu time lol! The best soap I have ever used in my life! My skin feels so rejuvenated and the soap smells amazing! Yeah yeah I know, its name does not make you want to leap for it, but this with Shea butter has had a dual effect on my stretch marks and skin. Dudu Osun Soap 12 Pieces Pack is what I purchased after I bought the first bar. I didn’t want to spend so much on shipping so I instead purchased the 12 pack and it didn’t last me a year because I gave some to family and friends to try. The product is pure and natural with ingredients like lime juice, aloe Vera, and contains no preservatives it’s biodegradable! Just make sure you put it somewhere dry when you’re done to avoid it melting, not a pretty sight.


To wrap it up…

These three are the top best products I use daily. I try to use baby oil every day but i’m guilty and forget sometimes but it has shown improvements! However, Dudu and Shea are with me everyday lol. I use lukewarm water, rub Dudu everywhere and rinse it off. I feel so pristine clean my skin actually glistens and I am truly seeing a difference every day. I have been using Dudu for 6 months and She Butter for 2 and my scars are almost gone, hope is alive!

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  • Elaine

    How old we’re your stretch marks?

    • http://thinklikelinda.com/ Linda De La Cruz

      My stretch marks were 3 years old. I found that combining the dudu osun soap with shea butter the stretch marks started going away and i’m seeing more progress each day! :)

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  • Aria Lane

    what do you mean by combining them
    how did you combine them please?

    • http://thinklikelinda.com/ Linda De La Cruz

      Hi! Thanks for reading, I combined both Dudu and Shea as a duo team. I first shower with the Dudu Osun, afterwards, I pat dry and apply the Shea:) You can do this morning and night if you wish:) If you want you can even apply baby oil on, then Shea:) Either way works and has left me great results.

      • Dolores

        Hi! I gained a lot of weight as a kid and the stretch marks have stayed with me(I’m 21 right now). It makes me so self conscious to even attempt to wear all the cute clothing I have without having to use something to cover up my belly and back. I really want to try this and see how it works because I can’t afford the extreme surgical procedures. Would I be able to still wash my body with regular body wash like bath and body works type of stuff after or before using the black soap?