10 Ways to Use Shea Butter


I’ve researched and discovered 10 ways to use Shea butter for nearly everything. Hair treatment, lip balm you name it. It feels so smooth on my skin, if you don’t like the nutty scent; try adding a few drops of lavender or Argan oil to mask it. Shea butter ranges from white to gold in color. To me they both do justice to my skin. It is a wonderful anti aging moisturizer, and even Amber Rose says this is her beauty secret to her flawless skin!

1. Stretchmarks reducer and prevention

There’s a reason this is my number one use on this list, because it’s actually working! My stretchmarks seem to be fading overnight; it’s a true miracle and natural! I used it all throughout the pregnancy and am still using it, it has made a tremendous difference in the way my pregnant belly looked. I am currently working on it now and will have a 3 month post belly update.

2. Lip Balm

Apply a small amount to your lips and viola, smooth satin lips!

3. Scar reducer

Apply to small scars or any scar and over time; it will fade to be less noticeable.

4. Hair conditioner

Mix with your favorite hair conditioner and this will add extra shine and softness to your hair! It is a great way to get a deep conditioning treatment.

5. After shaving!

Yeah that’s right! You shaved your legs and love that silky smoothness. Enjoy it for even longer by applying Shea for extra smooth legs.

6. Eyebrow groomer

Apply a small amount on your eyebrows to help keep them intact all day long. It’s one of my secrets for keeping every hair strand in place!

7. Sunblock aide

Do you want to enjoy a day in the sun without the after burn? Instead of sunblock, apply some Shea on your skin; it will truly make a difference!

8. Hand and feet overnight treatment

Apply on your hands evenly as well as feet and put on some socks for super soft hands and feet. This is one treatment that I do a few times a month to keep the bottom of my feet smooth lol.

9. Add to your favorite lotion

Add some Shea butter to your favorite lotion to give you an extra moisturizing boost!

10. Tame that hair!

Shea butter is a great hair tamer. Use it while styling to get a boost of shine and definition to your twist outs and even Bantu knot outs!

These are just a few ways to enjoy Shea butter, I will be typing up more soon! Enjoy your Shea!! Any questions or comments feel free to ask Linda below, thank you!

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