5 Fabulous Nail Designs


Are you Linda fans ready for 5 fabulous nail designs??! You’re in luck, because I was doing some research (as usual) and have returned with 5 fun nail polish ideas you can try out today! Get in tune with your creative side and give these a shot! Cute polish shows us how to rock cute nails, her work is AMAZING!  My cousin Alex recommended I watch her, and I’m glad I did. I found these videos on cute polish’s YouTube channel. I often watch these videos and have tried out some of her other designs. Nail painting takes practice, but is a ton of fun! Check out my 5 picks!


1. Water Spotted Nail Art

If you love neon colors (like me) and spots, this is the video to try! This design makes me think of space, but with a neon colored blast! Super cute, and neat to watch. I like the trick she does with slightly warm water, black nail polish and a spray bottle of hand sanitizer. Sounds funny, but this with tape can go a long way into creating a beautiful nail design. Cute Polish does just that by showing us how to do this design.


2. City Skyline Nail Art

Do you love the city at night? I do! It’s beautiful and seems to come to life at night. This design does just that. It makes your nails come to life with a sparkling night city view.


3. Animated Cartoon Nails?!

Yes, Cartoon nails! How cute and fun! This design really pops and looks as though your nails have come to life in a cartoon like way! She does this perfectly, of course, everything takes practice!


4. Converse Shoe Nail Art

Who loves chucks?? I DO! These shoes are absolutely adorable and painted on nails, even cuter! The best thing is with this design, you can switch it up from the original black and white color and go crazy with it choosing YOUR favorite color! I have got to try this with neon green!


5. Despicable Me 2: Minion Nails

Seriously cute, I love minions! They are so adorable and now you can have them on your nails! These fun yellow guys are quite popular among everyone, try this design and show them off to your friends, they’ll love it!


To wrap it up…

If you’re creative, or want to spend some time learning something new, I strongly suggest Cute Polish! Her videos are short, fun, and very thorough. I know I am going to try some of these videos out for sure! Although it’s going to be a hard choice between the despicable me minions and chucks converse lol! Any questions or comments, feel free to ask Linda below, thank you and happy painting!

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