Linda’s Greatest Natural Hairstyles of 2014!


The end of the year is nearing and I have some of my greatest hair moments this year to share with all of you yay!!! I wanted to thank everyone for continuing to support me by sharing Linda’s greatest natural hairstyles of 2014 , hope you like it!


1. Fro with straightened bangs!

Yes I know I straightened the bangs, but the look is rather nice! This was the hairdo I rocked for mothers day♥


2. Twist out!

I loved this look and did it quite often this year. I loved wearing head bands to match with my outfits! Simple, sweet, and cute.


3. High forwards puff!

This is a look that at first I didn’t really like, but I got used to it and grew fond of the style.


 4.  Letting it fro baby!

Nothing more relaxing than letting it fro. You wash it, it dries, you let it fro! Not much explaining needed there lol.

DSCN1698TINY - WIN_20140805_123858

 5. Wash and go!

I love seeing how defiined my curl pattern is when I did this wash and go. Of course it turned into an enormous fro later on, but the look was still nice to sport.

14 - 1

 6. Braid out bangs with cornrows and a hat:)

The braids wear easy to do and I did them medium style so that there wouldn’t be too many! I liked the way the red beanie went with the style, so I kept it in for almost a week before releasing my hair to view hundreds of pretty curls.



 7. Bantu knot out!

I had no idea what the outcome would be considering my pregnancy was the last time I tried this style when I was transitioning to natural! I loved loved loved my results and honestly, I feel like doing them again tonight!:)



8. High puff!

Unfortunately I took all the best pictures of my hair long ways with my phone. Yup, you guessed it, my hair was cropped out while uploading them for my blog. Smh, oh well you can see plenty more on Google plus:)



9. Rad updo!

This one really went with me, I fell in love with this hairstyle! I wore it for a week or so, then washed my hair. This is a great style to try when your hair is in a fro, super cute!




10. Colorful updo with temporary hair dye (not permanent)


I really liked playing around with Halloween spray on my hair! My hair was a temporary red/orange for two days, but worth it. It gave me a different look, and I even got compliments for it! I actually sprayed my hair the same day I did the rad updo! You can see the braids on the side in the first colorful hair pic. From left to right are my best friends, Jocelyn, Rachel, &  Jenafer♥♥


To wrap it up…


I hope you enjoyed watching all my hairstyles as much as I had fun doing them! Tell me which was your favorite? You may very well see me wearing the one you selected come this weekend:) Any questions or comments, feel free to comment to Linda below, thank you and happy holidays!

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