How to Use Castor Oil as a Beauty Aid

Castor Oil As Beauty Aid

Did you know…?

That Castor Oil has multiple uses besides hair growth? If you don’t like the smell try adding pure Extra Virgin Coconut oil to it, the smell overpowers Castor Oil and still lets it work like it should!



 1. Hair growth

Of course is number one, everyone (including me) uses castor oil to promote hair growth. It actually works in strengthening hair from the roots to the end.


2. Promotes fuller eyelashes and eyebrows

This has been known to help speed up the growth process of eyelashes and eyebrows. I haven’t tried them on that area but its working wonders for my scalp hair so it must work for them too!


3. Skin and stretchmarks reducer!

Yes you can actually massage it onto your skin (if you can stand the smell) I use this for my stretchmarks remedy which is giving slow results.


4. Hot oil treatment for scalp

Many people find heating it on the stove on a low setting till it gets warm and gently and slowly pouring it on the scalp revives hair follicles and promotes hair growth. You then leave it in for 30 min to an hour wearing a shower cap to infuse heat on scalp, then rinse it out  with either a shampoo or co wash it out! You can do this once to twice a week.


5. Anti-aging moisturizer

Wearing this anywhere on your body holds back the hands of time and actually prevents wrinkles from occurring, if you have wrinkles already this smooth’s them out a bit and slowly reduces them.


6. Laxative oral contraceptive (make sure it’s oral approved first)

Taking a good spoon of this is my mother’s secret to reduce post baby belly, so ladies swallow up lol! It actually reduced my tummy a lot and now I barely have anything there, it works best to use it within the month that you had your baby.


7. Makeup remover

This works great with removing makeup after a night or day out on the town. Just apply a little to a paper towel, let it soak in, and gently wipe away your second face haha!


8. Massaging oil

Apply a few drops of this onto the person you wish to massage’s back and slowly make your way around, add more if you’d like but not too much to avoid slippery messes.


9.Bath oil

Yeah! You can use this in your next relaxing bath! It is very soothing and you will like it, just mask the smell with a soap fragrance. Add about 2 ounces worth in your bath water and tada!


10. Hand moisturizer

Apply this to a set of clean dry hands and use two to 6 drops and rub it around. This will give you the softest hands, they’ll feel so smooth and be moisturized!


To wrap it up…


Castor oil is all natural and will become your best friend for your hair, skin, lashes, brows, and bath time. I use it the most for my hair before I wash it, I leave it in for 60 minutes and put a shower cap on, and have found it to stimulate old hair follicles to bloom and grow my hair quicker. I wash it out and already feel a difference in the smoothness and strength of my hair. I retain growth and it does help to prevent split ends. Happy castor oiling!

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