How to: Flexi Rod Set on Natural Hair!


Good morning everyone!

Beautiful day here in Orlando, hope everyone else can say the same where they are lol. Anyways, I did a flexi rod set on my hair the other day and loved my results! Many people have trouble doing these, so I discovered a particular video that I really wish I would have seen before I did mine! I included pics of my first flexi rod set, being a full natural below as well, hope you enjoy my How to: Flexi rod set on natural hair post!

Teaundra~ Flexirod Set on Natural Hair No Heat Tutorial 1 of 3

Teaundra has a wonderful personality, beautiful, and can do almost anything with her hair! Here she demonstrates a different way to do flexi rod sets that had me wishing I had done them like hers!! Lol! Definitely next time for sure, I love the way the curls spiral. Below are some pictures at my flexi rod set and results! I used my favorite of course, olive oil eco styler gel, coconut conditioner with water, and Argan oil to give it that shine. It turned out pretty good, but I do have some work to do. It’s ok though, being natural doesn’t mean being perfect!

Linda’s Flexi Rod: Newbie edition lol


Easter Sunday, time to take these bad girls out (flexi rods lol)!

IMG_20150404_181637702 IMG_20150404_181651749


My little guy and I on Easter Sunday, such a big boy going to be 1 years old the 15th of April!





Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not bad for a newbie:)!

Tips and Tricks from Linda

Here are a few tips that help me immensely!

1. Take your time

If one part is too difficult to do, work on another side, try again on the difficult part later, or ask someone for help!

2. Don’t expect perfection on your first try

At the same time, it doesn’t have to be perfect! Practice, practice, practice, makes perfect or NEAR perfect lol.

3. Take baby steps and start small first

If you feel certain hairstyles are too tricky, try a simpler version of the style instead! That way, you can start familiarizing yourself with your hair more, and it will make doing difficult styles later on as easy as a stroll through the park!

To wrap it up…

The top natural bloggers didn’t become pro’s overnight! Check out their YouTube videos of when they first started making videos, you will be shocked! Not a bad shocked but instead… a good kind of shocked, at you seeing that even the pro’s made mistakes when they started out. I hope you enjoyed this post and as always, I really hope I help naturals and transitioners out there! Any questions or comments, pics, anything, write Linda below, thank you!

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