How To Heal Diastasis Recti


I’ve acquired some wonderful information on how to heal Diastasis recti without surgery. This information will only help those who have a mild muscle separation. Doing research and looking at MomsIntoFitness videos, I was able to get a better understanding on what and how to treat this issue.

For those of you who don’t know, Diastasis recti or recti Diastasis, is a muscle separation that affects the transverse and rectus abdominis. This can occur in two situations.

A. The most common: During or after a pregnancy.


B. When the midsection expands due to rapid weight gain or by being overweight.

Like this picture shows below, this is the separation:



For most women, after a pregnancy, the muscles slowly heal and connect together again. However in other situations, if a woman is petite and the baby in her belly is too big, more than likely, Diastasis recti can occur.

To check if you have Diastasis, check out the informative video below by MomsIntoFitness. It’s a test that you can do on yourself at home to see if you have it. This video is informative however, it is important that you see your primary care giver or doctor to double check it’s not an umbilical hernia or possibly something else.

Diastasis recti test:

How to heal Diastasis recti:

1. Wearing a splint to help keep the muscles pulled together. A splint, tummy cinch or girdle are all wraps that are used to help women and men with Diastasis recti. The purpose of the splint is to support your weakened muscles when you cough, have to lift something heavy, or even just day to day things that would cause your muscles to bulge out without support. Here are some example pictures below.

Back Support for the Lumbar - Elastic Lumbar Support from DJ OrtBodyline Abdominal Brace - Bodyline 54000

2. Safe exercise, avoid doing regular crunches and anything that will cause your muscles to bulge out worsening your separation.

3. Giving yourself at least 1 to 2 months before seeing improvement. If no improvement is seen, surgery may be an answer to your problems.


On another point:

I actually have something personal I’d like to share with all of you that many of you may not believe. I wanted to share this information to help you as well as help myself because I…

have Diastasis recti and a possible chance of umbilical hernia. Instead of a normal innie, I am left with an outie:( I am going to verify this at my next doctors appointment just to make sure.

Thanks to my two C-sections (my first was an emergency C-section), my muscles were actually cut to get my boys out! Resulting in my Diastasis recti.

YES! This skinny chick is toned everywhere but her belly lol. I never thought it would happen to me. Stretchmarks, Diastasis, umbilical hernia oh my! Just my luck!

In my case, after having my first son weighing in at 7 pounds 4 ounces four years ago, being a 92 pound girl before the pregnancy, I had no such luck, and have had this separation for years now. I’ve been sucking my stomach in for nearly every picture and even wore a temporary splint (hides baby belly) haha. But I have a picture here I am going to show you wear you can see the pooch I have. Secrets out, Linda’s belly is imperfect lol.


Almost one month after baby number 2.





4 days short of 2 months of wearing my splint.



Huge difference of just wearing the splint, but still not completely flat and still protruding.

Diastasis gives me a slight pooch that bloats and protrudes when I eat giving me a tiny mummy tummy. The reason this happens is due to the muscles not being tightly together like before I had children, my organs now protrude. Oh 18 year old bod where’d you go! Don’t mind the butchered, burned relaxed hair I had at 18 lol. But those abs though!! sigh :'( I’ll never get that back lol like on a real level.


People think that by doing regular crunches and Pilates it will go away, but it only worsens the condition. I have done endless research on this condition and avoid many exercises in order to prevent widening the gap even more. The main key to healing this issue is by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and the transverse abdominis first. The core needs to be strengthened from the inside first. This will give you a flatter stomach.

I have been correcting it recently with the workout video I’m going to show you here that I found on YouTube. Just by doing this one excercise it can make all the difference. It’s the first core workout of the full 5 that she has. She sells her DVD on her website:

I am in no way working with her, just found her site and videos very helpful for everyone and myself.

It’s seriously been helping and this woman is a mother of 3! She looks amazing by the way! Totally freaking jealous haha!

I have a slight Diastasis now and can only fit 1 finger in the gap compared to the 3 used to fit which is great. However, I want it to close all the way so I’m going to continue doing the workouts and show you my results as I go. Any questions or comments feel free to ask Linda below, thank you!

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