My Top 5 Transitioning Hair Styles!

Who loves transitioning hair styles that are just fabulous!! I do!! I’ve been rocking some pretty uplifting hairstyles lately, things I never thought I’d be doing with my hair, and I love all of them. The Bantu knots are back on this list, I did them for my other blog 10 Heat-Less Styles for Natural Hair, but now they have gotten better. I put together a list of 5 transitioning hair styles that I’ve rocked so far that are easy to do, check em out! 


I apply a little water, Eco Styler Gel, and my organic extra virgin coconut oil to my hair. Makes styling easier with less tangling and less time consuming! But only a little bit, too much weighs the hair down giving it a greasy yucky feeling to it-_-, it’s happened to me, I know.

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1. Bantu Knot Out!

These spiral little knots are truly a wonder, they make your hair spiral with life! Mine only lasts one day but it’s so worth it (Florida humidity -_-)! I carefully separate each knot into 3 and then attempt to flatten them down with pins. This is what I am left with! Short but cute! I’d have to say it was a rather uncomfortable night of sleep, but I managed.

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2. Styling Up do!

I love this, I’ve never done something like it before! I saw it on  {85} ~*DATE NIGHT HAIR*~ VERY easy Updo (Natural hair style) by MsToot7. I thought i’d give it a try and this is what I got! . Let’s just say my boyfriend found the hairstyle very attractive, he likes my other hairstyles too, but THIS one, was the one. Lasted me about 4 days, and slept easily, retouched it up in 2 minutes, and off I went!

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3. Flat twist out!

Who wants a head full of heat less curls!!?  That’s what I got when I did this transitioning hair style idea off of a Facebook Fan Page.I wish I would’ve saved the person:(. It’s great and easy! Lasts me three days(humidity-_-)! This overnight transitioning hair style was comfy to sleep in, and I was looking fabulous in the morning after the take down(5-10 min.) haha! Since i’m transitioning I had to wrap my ends in a tight little ball to make my relaxed ends blend in, it worked!

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4. Two flat twists in front with bun.

Elegant, easy, and under 10 minutes! This is what I call my emergency to go transitioning hair style! When I know there is simply no time to do time consuming styles, I DO THIS! The headband gives it a nice touch and actually confuses people into thinking I did more work then I had to lol! They have to look closely to realize I only flat twisted the front! Bonus hairstyle in this one, it’s really two in one! When it comes to release the twists in 4 to 5 days, you’ll be in awe at the little curls that spring to life! keep the back tie, and let the front be loose!

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5. Three braided cornrows with ponytail

My second to go style right here! If you can braid, you’re in luck! If you can’t, find a friend or family member who can teach you, or watch videos on YouTube, there’s tons of people that show you step by step braiding techniques! This took me 10 minutes and I let the ponytail in the back poof a little, even my relaxed ends blended in with the style! This was one of my favorite hairstyles, very easy, for the other side since I didn’t show it, all I did was braid two corn rows to the side and done!




To wrap it up…


All the transitioning hair styles I’ve done so far I’m still learning about with each passing day! I can’t wait to find out about more transitioning hair styles. Who would’ve thought that my hair could do all these things! I mean I’ve grown up in corn rows, loose braids, and mostly braids but never twist outs or Bantu knots! I like the way it curls my hair giving it volume and definition. All these hair styles can be achieved either overnight or in a quick, oh my gosh, i’m running late for work, kind of situation. Any questions or comments please feel free to ask Linda below, thank you!


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