Shingling Method On Natural Hair


Researching different ways to define curls, I came across the shingling method. Now the question many of you are asking is what exactly is the shingling method on natural hair? The shingling method is a way to define your natural curls; takes time though so clear your schedule for a few hours! I haven’t tried this method yet, but plan on it this weekend!


Various items of styling are items like motions foaming wrap lotion, eco styler gel, and Shea butter. Those are among the most popular used for most natural hair. However, use what works for you. I’m using my new curl defining products for type 4 hairs!


Below are some videos which I found the most helpful on explaining how to achieve beautiful defined curls using the shingling method for natural hair:

1. A Natural Hair Tutorial: Define Your Curls

This is one of the most viewed shingling videos on Youtube with near one million views, is this amazing vid. Yoursnaturally11 shows everyone how she detangles, moisturizes and shingles her hair. Our hair look strikingly similar in textures. I love the color of her hair, that fiery red on her is simply beautiful!

2. NATURAL HAIR| Shingling

Funny and quirky Kadijah Nicole shows us a fun and sassy way to make those curls pop through shingling. I loved her results as well as her personality! Her curls are very vibrant and I just love all  the different natural hair textures I’ve seen so far!

3. How to Define Thick Coarse 4A 4B 4C Curly Kinky Hair to get Frizz Free Wash n Go Curls

ShidaNatural explains very thoroughly how the shingling method works. If you don’t mind her talking through the video, (which I don’t mind at all), her voice is very pleasant! I love her haircut and it was a great to see her results.

To wrap it up…

These are a few shingling methods on Natural hair that hopefully help you out! I will definitely get back to you to let you know which worked best for me! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask Linda below, thank you!

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