Rihanna’s Hairstyles in 5 Minutes – How To!

What girl doesn’t love getting a new hair do that could be similar to lets say…Rihanna??!


It’s hard to constantly be going to a salon for a new style, or to go at all due to the costs. I haven’t been to a salon since I was 12 years old, shoot, they did an awesome job on me in The Dominican Republic. But ever since I came here I’ve found that I prefer to do my hair myself.  For one it’s too expensive, for two I’m pretty creative, and for three I found out about wigs!:) I do these hairstyles from time to time (the wigs were when I used to rock them), and they are lifesavers.


1. Curly hair

This hairstyle was one of my favorites! It was easy, did it in less than 5 minutes. I bought a curly wig and a wig cap to cover my hair ( tied back), and put it on with a headband! tada! The hair is pulled up and out of the way in my version, I like Rihannas bangs loose with it though they look nice. My last wig(last pic) actually was red and black, I liked it because it resembled her hair in the first one color wise, texture wise, the second pic wins.




2. Straight bangs, ponytail wig

One of the easiest and truly my faves! You part the amount of bangs that you want, you then make sure your hair is dry, press it with a flat iron. You then slick the rest of the hair into a sleek ponytail and you’ll create a little bun. Place the ponytail wig over the bun and tie it tight. The ponytail will have instructions on the box as to how to do this. And tada!



3. Long hair don’t care

Say hello to my once beautiful long waist length wig! Same concept as the curly hair wig I rocked in number one Curly hair. I used a headband most of the time to avoid too much direct heat but you can part it and press as you please (like I did in pic number 3, different wig, half wig). the wig was on sale, 15 bucks! lol The second one was 19 bucks do to it being more manageable. The white top I wore in the second pic was a coincidence, not trying to copy her at all in the first picture I swear lol!

images (2) 576332_10150846178078619_200303434_n378334_10150755860088619_2124433465_n

4. Short with waves

Classic and sexy! I like it, this was easy! All I did was rollers on my hair and let them go! Hopefully soon I can put tutorial videos for all these hairstyles, easy and fun! These pics were my relxer days though, my hair has much more volume to it now that  stopped killing my hair, and it’s healthier. They even sell wigs to achieve this exact look but a little longer, like the last picture. There the front part is my hair, the back hmmm…no lol. My hair is getting there though.

Rihanna-red-hairstyle 61896_10151349036573619_1140055532_n540167_10150959615678619_362246795_n

5. Grand Finale! Straight and Short

I loved pressing my hair like this! I used to do it every week, till my hair started looking lifeless, split and dry. Which is why I stopped using heat so much. I am on a no heat to limited heat journey transitioning to natural. They have countless videos on YouTube where they show you how to flatten your hair. I do mine from back to the front slowly straightening till I get to the front, part my bang, and finished!


rihanna-medium-hairstyles-popular-haircuts 0308152655 525336_10151620250333619_440072258_n

To wrap it up…


These are my top five Rihanna hairstyles made easy and simple. The last one takes a good chunk of your time (unless you are expert and press fast) but if you want something quick check out 1 through 4!  Sometimes when you have to run out the door and your hair is messed up there’s really only two options. Tie it up in a jacked up ponytail and head out (I’ve done it) or if you have a wig, throw it on! Wigs are becoming easier to use and less prone to fall off if its a clipped in wig. No one has ever pulled a wig from my hair, noticed I was wearing a wig, or said I looked horrible while wearing a wig. I just did me and rocked it my way. In the end, you want to look good for yourself right? If you have any questions or comments ask Linda thank you!


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