Quick and Easy Updos For Natural Curly Hair

I’ve racked up a list of quick and easy updos for natural curly hair that you can try tonight if you’d like! I am definitely going to experiment and use some of the methods these women taught me! I love how elegant, simple and easy these natural high updos are.


1.High Bun Tutorial

MsDanti1 provides a great high bun tutorial! Possibly one of the best I’ve seen on YouTube! I love how she uses a headband that she cut to get this look. I have so many stretched out headbands I need to start cutting now lol.

2. The High Puff Tutorial (Natural Hair)

In this tutorial, colouredBeautiful takes it to a whole new level with this high puff tutorial for natural hair. This is one of the cutest high puffs I have seen! I’m dying to try it now that my hair is looking more like a fro!

3. Natural Hair| Brosia’s Chic Updo

You can pin this hair do up any way you’d like! Get creative with it, you will be surprised at your results. Any hairstyle can be accomplished by simply, putting it up!:D


4. The So-Called “Effortless” Puff for Short Natural Hair & Thin Edges | GodCallsMeBeloved

Thin edges are nothing easy to deal with, but GodCallsMeBeloved showed us that you can rock thin edges with a high puff and still look good! She rocked this due and the puff was absolutely cute!


To wrap it up…

The possibilities are endless with what you can do with your hair ladies and natural updos are awesome :) ! It’s like everyday there are more and more people going natural, I love it! My sister recently did the big chop a few weeks ago and she couldn’t be more proud! I am happy she took that step and will be excitedly blogging about it in my future posts!

Any questions or comments feel free to ask Linda below, thank you!


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