Linda’s Two Years Natural and Counting!


A month late, here is Linda’s two years natural and counting lol! Thank you all for your patience, I know it’s been a little more than a week since I have posted. I decided to write about my two years natural and counting! Keep reading to find out more about what I’ve learned, how I combat natural hair challenges, and solutions to everyday problems!


On March 2nd 2014, I did my final chop on my recently trimmed (December 2013) transitioning hair. I was so nervous but grabbed those shears and got to work. (I have been cutting and trimming my own hair since I was 17). After I said goodbye to my relaxed ends, I set some goals for both my hair and myself!

DSCN0645 DSCN0648


20 days after my final chop!


Of course, when trying to reach a goal, many challenges present themselves.

The challenges…


I learned a long time ago when I began transitioning to keep my hands out of my hair! It was a challenge at first, there were so many styles I was just aching to try, and many I actually did! After I did my final chop on my hair, I actually calmed down and just did high puffs, twist outs, and simple styles till my hair grew.


Learning to combat shrinkage and at other times, just accept it!

I learned that sometimes, it’s best to go with the flow when it comes to natural hair. There are certain styles for every hair type and length for natural hair. We are all beautiful from our TWA’s to our waist length hair.

DSCN1486 DSCN1487 2014-09-12 (2)

Natural hair can shrink and when I say shrinkage, I mean SHRINK. Isn’t this picture below amazing!? My shrinkage is pretty intense but THIS WON!:)


The solutions…!

The pineapple method helped me combat shrinkage so well that I still do it today!


How I pineapple my hair with a large headband!


Never detangle dry knotted hair! It’s best to deep condition it with a cap for 15-20 minutes, rinse and finger detangle, then try the comb. Trust me, you will see less hair on your shower floor.

Protective styling or just letting it fro has helped me achieve length quicker than expected! Everyone’s hair has a set pace of growth, but that can be changed using simple techniques! If you notice a lot of knotting when styling, a small trim of the ends will help immensely.

Twist outs really help combat shrinkage! Do just 8 twists on freshly washed hair before bed, and you will thank yourself in the morning!:)

The creativity…!!

IMG_20150207_163127391-MIX IMG_20150318_100634097_HDR-MIX IMG_20150220_182521761

With natural hair comes a million new hair ideas to try! Take it ones step at a time and I suggest mastering one hairstyle, then moving onto the next.

Also, start small. Go for the easy hairstyles first, like twist outs like this!


versus trying to do a flat twist out till you master the twist out look. Then try a braid out and so on!

I learned that you have to be brave…

Flaunt your hair like you don’t care! There are going to be haters lol!


me with a mustache lol


Ignore them and make your fans, fam, friends or mate your motivators! Your hair is beautiful just the way it is!! No having to touch up on relaxers, or worry about humidity with natural hair!


To wrap it up…

I have done tons of hairstyles, tons of different looks, and many things different than my relaxer days. I am truly happy being a natural and blessed for such wonderful followers and fans. I am blessed and thankful! Questions or comments, write Linda below, thank you whoo! Celebrating two years natural and counting!

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