Linda’s Back, New Pixie Hair Style!


Hey everyone!!! I hope your Halloween was spooky and full of lots of free candy and goodies! A lot going on but I’m back today with so much to tell you!!! Scroll on down, welcome to Linda’s back, new pixie hair style!


Yes! The girl above is me! This is my new look and I’m feeling it, looks realistic in the back too…


AND YES…it’s temporary but chic, comfy and waaaaay different than what I would normally go for which is longer like below…

wig on top

By far I’ve received the most compliments with this style than past wigs and that shocked me! Different than what I’m used to and out of my comfort zone and usual styles, at the same time very pleased with it! I got it online for $24 loving it!

Why not try something new? I’ve been wearing this style since October, 9th I believe, so nearly a month now!

Changing looks is exciting and daring! Hubby loves the new look too, it saves time and comes on and off easy, strangers don’t suspect but people close to me know;)

I actually put on some lipstick with it just to see and didn’t look bad at all (Gotta take a pic sometime lol).

So where’s all my hair??!!

Safely braided and tucked beneath of course!

This temporary look is turning heads everywhere I go! It’s nice to be back, it’s been a long time, feels like forever but here I am once again blogging it up about something else plus, I missed ya’ll so much! Also more good news…

I’m currently weighing 110 pounds from 95!


Before, me in July 2015


Now, October 2015:)!


I’ve been struggling to get weight on for months, so I went to my doctors and decided to restart cyproheptadine medication 3 times a day and it’s been doing wonders on my appetite and health, I feel like my old self again:). Went from a size 00 to a 1 so far, planning on taking them for 2 months!

The kiddies are doing wonderful and thriving in school, as for Anthony, amazing health wise and is super active!! Thanks so much for continuing to come check out my blog, traffic is amazing!! You all mean so much to me so I decided to gather up a few pics from our Halloween weekend, enjoy! Also, please post any below of yours if you wish to share, please and thank you!


Rudy my five year old Dracula♥


Lil devil Anthony♥


Zombie Gini♥♥Count Dracula ready for the night!


Irishman kissing pumpkin witch:)♥♥





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