Hairstyles For Straight Hair or Thick Hair!

I remember when I started this blog I mentioned how it would be for ALL hair types. Straight Hair, Coarse Hair, Medium Hair, Long Hair, Short Hair, you name it and i’ll write about it lol! I want to keep that promise and give you hairstyles for straight hair or thick hair, both long or medium length, from girls hair tutorial videos I found on YouTube! It’s fun to wear your hair different sometimes right?!

My step daughter has fine hair and she finds me doing all these transitioning hairstyles and she wonders if I can do them on her. I do flat twist outs sometimes (which BTW come out beautiful on her) but I know there’s plenty more hairstyles I can achieve on her mid-back length hair.I found a few videos that teach how to give yourself a new look every once in a while. The best part is that most of the things you will need to achieve these looks are things that can be found in your home like straws lol! Three do not require heat but one does, it’s up to you! And either way, for straw curls you don’t have to have long hair; I thought her video showed great results!


1. 4 Strand Slide-Up Braid Hairstyle (no heat)

This hairstyle is perfect for school or just to try something new for everyday activities. It appears that you can do this easier with more lengthy hair.  You should try it out anyway if you have at least shoulder length hair or longer. The girl in the video above pauses and carefully explains how to create this hairstyle and what to use to achieve this look! 2:59 almost 3 minutes in length and fun to watch, she has a perky and fun personality just like the rest of these girls.


2. Overnight Straw Curls Method 5 No heat Spiral Curls (no heat)

I fell in love with this hairstyle! It works for almost any hair length and its awesome if you’re looking to go from straight hair to spirals. Can you imagine what you can do with straws!? The best thing about this is you won’t damage your hair because you won’t need heat. All you will need is straws and bobby pins, AMAZING! Her video is full in length 8:57 , nearly 9 minutes but definitely worth it. She begins by dampening each section of hair with water before she wraps it in an ordinary straw! She demonstrates two ways for putting these on. I definitely agree with her and I really like the long straw method. Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean.This is an overnight hairstyle, you awaken in the morning with beautiful spirals! If you don’t have bobby pins around you can always use Scunci No Damage Thick Hair Elastics instead! They are durable too so you can use them over and over again with your straws! I recommend the elastic bands over bobby pins! That’s what i’ll be using when I do this hairstyle because the’re much more comfortable to sleep in.

Diane 2" Bobby Pins, Black, 300-pack

Diane 2″ Bobby Pins, Black, 300-pack


3. Beachy Waves For Short/Medium Length Hair! (heat)

I love her hair color it’s so pretty, she reminds me of Ariel the little mermaid! She achieved these awesome beachy waves with this awesome Infiniti YOU CURL Curling Wand which is super cute and looks very easy to use! The video is 4:16 minutes in length and shows exactly how to achieve this hairstyle. To me, this is the best hairstyle for straight hair or thick hair, I love it! She showed a wrapping method she uses to achieve that perfect curl!


4. How To: Basic French Braid (no heat)

If you are looking for something to keep your hair tied back and beautiful, this is the style you need! It works on shoulder length to longer hair and takes time but is very elegant. I love the lighting in the video it’s very bright so it allows you to see exactly which strands of hair shes french braiding. It’s not complicated but does require patience, so I suggest practicing a lot slowly, till you master it. This is great for thick hair as well because it helps to hold your hair down more. The video is 5:16 in length, go ahead and check it out if you like french braids!


To wrap it up…

I will find more videos of amazing hairstyles for straight hair or thick hair that are easy to do and I know you’ll love them as much as me! I’m definitely trying the straw curls out on my step daughter to see what they will look like and when I do, I’ll write about how I did it and what I used to keep the curls! I have a passion for hair and health and am always finding fun and easy things to do for everyone. Try out one of these style, try something new!

Any questions or comments, ask Linda below <3

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