Hairstyles for Old Flat Twist out

Hi! I’m here to bring you some hairstyles for old flat twist out! I hope you like some of the ideas I have to share with you. I used to wash my hair right away when my flat twist out was getting raggedy with the transitioning hair. However, now that my hair is natural, the older the twist out the cooler it looks! I decided to try out some different styles for my old flat twist out to see what looks I could achieve.  I just have the tendency to rock what I have and love it, just like one of my favorite hair guru’s Shameless Maya!


I hope you like my flat twist out, I really love the way it turned out!


DSCN1286 DSCN1298



I did it the same way I did it when I was transitioning, with the Bantu knot ends.



When a twist out begins to get old, it tends to look even better as the curls start unwinding. Check out some of the hairstyles I can do with an old flat twist out.


1. High puff

This hairstyle was extremely easy to do. I just use water, eco styler gel, and slick it up with a bristle brush gently. To get through any knots I suggest finger detangling to prevent losing clumps of hair through a comb. Or go ahead and detangle with a wide tooth comb, its like using fingers! I suggest doing this after the hairstyle number 2.





2. Twist out fro

I loved my twist out fro! My hair was looking over puffy so I decided to slick it back just a little and let the fro take over. It looked really cute and went great with my beach look!


Number three would be to let your hair be for a week or two! It looks amazing when a twist out begins unraveling and it will therefore define your natural curls even more, enjoy!

Anyways, I’m glad I could share flat twist out on natural hair so you can maybe get a glimpse of what to expect for you’re hair! Any questions or comments, ask Linda below, thank you!

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