Hair Trim Gone Wrong, I said Just a Trim!

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Attention everyone! Breaking news from TLL (thinklikelinda)! This was one of the hardest, most sentimental posts I’ve ever written No one is going to believe this, but my son’s hair was big chopped over the holidays without my permission. He went to his dads after Christmas, and let’s just say that what I saw walk through the door, changed my life forever. A simple trim, in the hands of his father, turned into Way More than a simple trim. Check out the pics that shocked and broke my heart below!

Hair Trim Gone Wrong, I said a Trim!

 My sons hair was trimmed to his shoulders at his grandmothers house before Christmas,

 it was the perfect length, he loved it. Dead ends gone and all!

chop number 1

Then he went to his dads after Christmas and this happened…



Now, even though he said it was out of good intention, it still wasn’t right to do that to him, especially without talking to me HIS MOM!!

What we did…

So what did we do? Got it fixed to a different and fitting style which my son really loves now. Anyways, long hair or short my son is darn cute, what can I say, he gets it from his mama lol. Babe is my hero; he took him to the barber and let’s just say mommy was really happy to see these results. He looks much better and happier, but I’m still torn inside.


How does my son feel…

He came up to me in the morning and he sadly expressed that he didn’t want his hair this short either while rubbing his head confused and hurt. Apparently everyone kept confusing him for a girl, and his dad said long hair is for little girls, resulting in the BIG CHOP. That is so not true!! I actually remember a moment in time where his dad’s hair was just as long! But it’s for girls? Ok, sure. This is unfair to make a decision for a child because you feel some type of way.


How do I feel…


Beyond upset. Do you think he even had the courtesy of giving me a lock of hair for the book? NOPE. You wanted to surprise me with hair for his 5th birthday, really? It would’ve helped the healing process a lot better to have it now, just saying. There are no words that can describe the gut wrenching jolt that went through my stomach the moment my sons head popped through the door. I did not expect to see his hair so short, I was not prepared for this and neither was he! The point is that, you are rarely in this child’s life, so what gives you the right to chop it all off when I said a trim? I even said before they left, please, do not cut it short, I pleaded!


Who did this affect…

EVERYONE! Why did this not affect his dad? Simple, he made plan without telling me (what type of trim) and stuck with it. So… go ahead and big chop our son’s hair when he’s away for the holidays, and do it anyways without telling me!. This shocked my sister and we cried together. It especially is going to be a big shocker to Nicholas, Rudy’s cousin (then) hair twin. The gorgeous hair twins :'(. Pics below of Ru and his handsome cousin Nicholas and there most special moments with their long locks, forever treasured♥

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The boys grew very close and love each other very much. They were always mistaken for twins with their long locks and liked that. Did his dad have any consideration that both Rudy and his cousins rocked their hair long and loved it that way? No, he didn’t.


Other peoples comments…


Rudy wasn’t recognized without his hair, and many people were unbelievably shocked since he would tell them he’s not cutting it. Others said the cut was nice (the first one) and that it was about time. But that’s not the point! My sons hair was big chopped without my permission, I said just a trim!!!! Did they miss that part??! Since when does evening out shoulder length hair turn into chop it all off! I don’t care what anyone says, that’s something that both parents should discuss, not one parent.


To wrap it up…

This was not supposed to happen everyone, I am devastated. This is the story of a hair trim gone wrong. Even though he looks great now, I still don’t care how dramatic this comes off to anyone, but this was my babies hair. My sons beautiful 3a curls, will they ever return??? Panicking now! I liked managing his hair, it was fun and I helped countless people with Rudy’s hair type. All those people are let down too, all for the decision making of one man. SMH. His dad destroyed the natural hair journey big chopping our sons locks off. He’s still my handsome little man regardless of hair or not, but this hurt me and everyone. I’m still crying and more tears are to come when my son comes face to face with his then curly haired near twins cousin. Although I do forgive his dads, he should have left his hair alone or even at least talked to me about style options!!! I CERTAINLY wont forget it and this WILL NOT happen unless baby boy says so next time. What do you think about big chopping little boys natural locks? Isn’t it up to them to have a choice? All that matters now is my son is happy with his hair now, that’s all I want for him♥. Any questions or comments feel free to write Linda below, thank you.

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