Easy Forward High Puff Hairstyles for Natural Hair!


I have a huge obsession with high puffs, never the less forward high puffs! These hairstyles and how easy they are! It has become my favorite to go style after an old twist out or on day old shingled hair. These styles are beautiful, simple, and exactly what you need! Keep reading to learn how to achieve these easy forward high puff hairstyles for natural hair today!


1. High Puff Tutorial

Dorian Sheryce teaches us how to create a beautiful high puff on an overnight twist out! Her results are gorgeous and the style is flawless, definitely one of my favs! I like the way she used rollers to set the ends for a more tamed look. It’s definitely worth a try, thanks Dorian!


2. 3c/4a Natural Hair| Mega-High Puff Tutorial

In this next video, Ashley Lynn shows us how to create a mega high puff on natural 3c/4a type hair! I love her hair reminds me so much of mine! :) Too bad my wash and go’s don’t look like that lol my hair dries into a fro which is cool too! I love how her hair turned out!


3. The High Puff Tutorial (Natural Hair)

Coloured Beautiful demonstrates how easy it is to achieve a beautiful and sassy updo! This style can be done in so many ways and on many types of hair! If you want a stylish updo today, give this video a glance, she knows her styles and makeup very well!


To wrap it up…

For a beautiful, elegant or sassy updo, check out the wonderful video tutorials above! These beautiful and fabulous ladies teach us how to work the forward high puff easily! These styles are not too difficult to achieve, and is great for short/medium length hair! Hope you enjoyed these tutorials, have a great spring break everyone, I won’t stray too far lol! Any questions or comments, as always, you know what to do, write below!

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