Cute Hairstyles for Short Natural Hair!


Hello beautiful short haired naturals, it’s been about a year since I’ve written something for you and I was not too happy to discover that! I found many blogs and articles on hairstyles for short natural hair but… there was a HUGE problem with the majority of them. The hairstyles were for medium to long and not for short at all! That must be frustrating and I’m so sorry you have to deal with that. However, Linda is always trying to help and keep her readers happy and I believe I may have found just what you are looking for! I hope these cute hairstyles for short natural hair help you today!


1. How to Style Short 4c Natural Hair into a Afro Puff! (3 Styles)|EyesOnMyPrize



2.  Fluffy afro – Bantu knot out on Short Natural hair



3.  Flat Twist Out On Short 4A Natural Hair | Tella Glam



4.  [Tutorial] Quick Updo for Short Natural Hair!



5.  How to: Perm Rods! (TWA tapered natural hair)


Tips for naturals with short hair:

1. Accessories are a girls best friend! Bracelets, necklaces, earrings all that good stuff truly helps to create or complete a new look!

2. Big pair of shades are also a great accessory for shorter hair and honestly looks really cute to me!

3. Headbands and hair accessories are great finishing touches for a hairstyle!

4. Patience and acceptance, not every style will work with your length right now and that’s ok! Try something new and bold!


To wrap it up…

Notice how I didn’t add notes to the videos this time? I’m taking a mini break from doing that but trust me, these videos are easy to follow, great to watch, vibrant personalities and very helpful! I literally spent a couple hours scoping out really good videos, only the best for my followers! I also added a few helpful tips to help you out though, I didn’t leave that out. Any questions or comments, feel free to ask Linda below thank you so much for reading!

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