Best Hair Straightening Videos for Natural Hair


Hi everyone, having an off day today, but decided anyways to write! I’ve been searching all of YouTube for months now for the best hair straightening videos for natural hair and they are listed below. I want to straighten my hair without having humidity or frizz issues, so I thought that these videos below were so amazing!


1.Mo knows hair- Silk Roller Wrap Straightening

This video is on 1 billion levels of awesomeness! Mo explains a great way to get your hair pressed and sleek without heat damage! Being natural is a wonderful thing, however, humidity interferes with natural hair a lot. So with this method, I’m sure I will have awesome results. Follow Mo on her YouTube channel she is amazing! She also has a different video straightening and trimming natural hair for more coarse naturals such as myself. It is right below her video:)


2. Mo Knows Hair: How to Straighten and Trim Natural Hair

I loved this vid due to the hair similarities Alisha and I share. I will definitely be following this videos method!! I like the way she twists the hair  in sections after detangling it. It stretches the hair and makes the straightening and blow drying easier to do. I have a feeling that if I follow this videos method I will get the same results.

3. Mo Knows Hair: Soften, Straighten & Trim 4C Hair

I loved these results! This works great for 4c type hair, and is the best I’ve seen by far! The results left me in shock. It’s incredible what Mo can do with any type of hair. Mo knows hair indeed!

She uses a series of products in all her videos that really seem to work, they are listed below:

ApHogee Keratin and Green Tea Restructurizer
Motions Foaming Wrap Lotion
Aveda Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother
Chi Deep Brilliance Reflect
FHI Platform Flat Iron, 1 Inch
Eclipse Hair Cutting Shears
Ion Anti-Frizz Ionic Hair Dryer
Conair Pro-Style Bonnet Dryer
Denman 9-Row Brush
Detangling/Shower comb
Rattail Comb


To wrap it up…


I have found her videos to be a huge help, which is why I decided to write this post today. The lighting and everything is perfect, and allows you to see exactly how to achieve these looks. I hope my list of best hair straightening videos help everyone too! Any questions or comments, feel free to ask Linda, thank you!

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