Beautiful Protective Hairstyles for Natural Little Girls!


I can’t believe I haven’t written this yet! I’ve been meaning to write beautiful protective hairstyles for natural little girls for a while now! My neighbor has a beautiful little girl with natural hair so I decided to look up some unique styles to help moms and dads who style out there! Now, the REAL the question is, are you looking for new creative ways to style your little girls beautiful natural hair? When you feel like all hope is failing and don’t know what styles to do, check out this great and creative list of hairstyles below!


 1. Natural Hair kids, easy hairstyle

Little girl with long natural hair? No problem! Check out this creative video, absolutely beautiful style and little girl!



2. Natural girls braids 1 hairstyles with 4 looks!

Looking for many styles in 1? Then I believe this video is what you’ve been looking for! I love this style!




3. Twist’n’bun protective hairstyles (kid friendly)

Twist’n’bun protective hairstyle. If your child has short hair, there are many creative ways to style and even lengthen it! I hope this video helps you mommas and daddies (my dad used to do my hair when I was little too!) out there. The accessories in this video are really cute!



4. Natural kids, Taylors updo’s with carols daughter sacred tiare collection

I love this little girls hair! Reminds me of my locks aww! I really love this style because it also  protects the ends and looks very cute!



Tips and tricks to style your little ones easier

Let’s face it, some kids (mostly all lol) hate sitting still for a hair styling. The older kids are easier, but what do you do for the babies aged 1-4? Check out this list of entertaining things for your babies to do while your styling their hair, also a few tips to make the styling process smoother.

1. Breaks

Little kids need to stretch their legs and run around. Give them a 10 minute break after at least 20-30 minutes of sitting. Hopefully the style doesn’t take too long!

2. Entertainment

IPad, smartphones, nabi’s, and leapfrog pads all work. Entertain your little one with an educational game, and praise them constantly for how good and still they are sitting! It always works for my 2 year old niece. Or maybe a favorite cartoon for them to watch, she loves super why:)

3. Start doing your hair to get your stubborn cutie interested

If your child gets upset or just doesn’t want to sit through the process, show them that you style your hair too. Start styling your hair in front of your child, it will get them interested in looking like mommy since they look up to you. Usually works!

To wrap it up…

Try these styles out on your cuties and show Linda below! I have a niece who is natural who I would love to try these styles on! Definitely will soon!

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