African Threading to Stretch Natural Hair!


Good morning everyone it’s my nephew Nicholas’s birthday today yay! He’s turning four today, man time flies! But I digress lol, I stumbled across this by accident while searching West african hairstyles, boy am I glad I did! African threading to stretch natural hair has been a popular method used in West Africa that began in the early 1950-1960’s. There are various ways to style your hair with this method, or if you want stretched hair with no heat, this method is for you too!



The beautiful woman in the video above is Dephne Madyara! She is helping thousands of people on YouTube by showing everyone how to use this amazing method to stretch natural hair. I know that in the future I will be trying this method. It’s amazing how many methods there are to lengthen natural hair with no heat!


It is a beautiful African tradition and is still being used by naturals today!


Why African threading is worth a try!

1. Stretches hair WITHOUT heat

2. Defines curls and/or can be used as a protective style

3. Helps you achieve length due to low manipulation

4. Is not too difficult to do (unless you want to get super creative like the ladies below)


African threading is used to create many unique styles in West Africa, Nigeria, Ghanaian and even right here in the U.S. It’s a tradition that has long been used to create beautiful styles while protecting your natural hair too, check out the images below!


modern day african threading



This particular image is from a book called ” J.D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere


Many of the complex looking African threading hairstyles like the black and white images above, used wires to achieve this look.

If you feel your other hair stretching methods aren’t working, give this method a try. It can work for short or long hair, low manipulation, and is a great protective style! The less time you spend touching your hair, the less breakage you will have, and the more length you will retain!


Why not give African threading a try today? If you do try this style, you know that I would definitely love to see it! So don’t be shy, comment or write Linda below and please post pics too!

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