5 Celebrities Rocking Fabulous UpDo’s This Summer

Celebrity Up-Do’s…

I love how celebrities style their hair and leave us either shocked or amazed!  The celebrities I always have my eyes on are the ones that are mostly in the limelight. I love hair in every style and form. This is a list of five celebrities I believe in my opinion are rocking fabulous up do’s this summer!


1. Katy Perry


The fireworks singer was looking stunning in this bun updo! I loved it and almost anyone can do this hairstyle, it’s elegant yet perfect for the summer! I like the gold band she used to accentuate her dress. Adding a matching headband that matches your outfit is a given plus to achieve a look like this.


2. Alicia Keys


I absolutely love braided updo’s and this one takes the cake! Beautiful, elegant as well, and very different. The “no one” beauty rocked this hairstyle. To me appears to be on giant braid that got wrapped around towards the front and pinned. Looks simple but may require more work than I think, still gorgeous!


3. Taylor Swift


This hairstyle screams sophisticated! I love how it graces her face, the makeup is balanced, and it definitely keeps you nice and cool during the summer. I like how she let two strings of hair dangle on each side to achieve this look. Braiding a piece of your hair and using it as a headband is a magnificent touch!

4. Katie Holmes


The beautiful mother of one decided to have her styled up in this stylish do! I like how it goes perfect with the dress and her earrings are small making the hairstyle stand out. Looks like it has a nice poof effect towards the from of her hair, makes it stand up and look full of volume! Beautiful!

5.  Jessica Alba


This stunning beautiful actress wowed everyone with this summer up do! The earrings dangled with cute (diamonds I think lol) giving it the perfect balance with her bun! For a higher bun smaller earrings look better, see Katie Holmes above.


To wrap it up…


It doesn’t take much to style your hair like a celebrity. Just focus, determination, and a twist of your own style! I love looking for tutorials on YouTube there are people who break it down step by step on how to do something. It’s great and if you wish to have an elegant and simple due like these beautiful ladies above, check them out! I can’t wait till my hair gets longer I would love to try Alicia keys braided hairstyle, it looks really pretty. They are so pretty that they can even be used for formal up do’s, but I got them from summer pictures online of what they wore this summer.I love all the hairstyles that are braided up, or bunned up. They are all protective styles and keep your ends tucked away and safe! Happy styling any questions or comments feel free to ask Linda below thank you!

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  • ThomasCrook

    I just love the style of Taylor Swift..She looks really gorgeous in this hairdo..I am totally admired by her braid twist styles…

    • http://thinklikelinda.com/ Linda De La Cruz

      Thank you Thomas! I love her styles they always looks so elegant and sweet like her personality:) I love the site you linked btw, thanks!