4 Great Hairstyles For Natural Hair

Hello Ladies! Check out these top 5 hairstyles for natural hair! You may already recognize these if you’ve been transitioning or are natural already. They are easy, heat-less, and simply beautiful. Bring out the natural you by letting these hairstyles give you a fresh and natural look! Now, these videos will show you HOW to do these hairstyles:D It takes practice so don’t get frustrated if your hair doesn’t turn out like the ladies shown here. Not even my curls look that defined sometimes! lol. Natural hair will not always be perfect, so don’t expect perfect results every single time, just go with it!


Tip to get great results:

Try finding a way to stretch out your hair like the bunning method that Alicia demonstrates in this video. It will help  stretch your hair out for any style. That way, the next day when you choose to style your hair, it will be ultimately fabulous!

1. Faux hawk rod set! Starring me!

I loved these results, pinned up and fabulous! I slept in them for 3 nights (laziness), but it came out just beautiful!

DSCN0437 DSCN0486

2. Bantu Knot out

She did a great job demonstrating how to achieve this beautiful Bantu knot out! I can only imagine when my hair is as long as hers how beautiful it’s going to look when I do this hairstyle:)

3. Braid out

If you know how to braid, then this will be easy peasy for you!! I love braid outs, they are easy to do and great results come out of it too.

4. High Puff

Has to be one of my favorites, especially for me going through the awkward stage right now where I can’t really tie my hair but this high puff helps tremendously!

To wrap it up…


Whether you’re looking fabulous hair days or just a cute simple and fun look, these are the ones! I’ve run into many ups and downs while styling my hair, but remember. There isn’t anything your hair can’t do. Don’t stop believing and keep trying. You will reach your goal one day and achieve that long natural hair you dream off! Any questions or comments, feel free to ask Linda below! Thank you and happy styling!

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