3 Easy Natural Protective Styles Using Extensions!


Are you feeling like you need a new hairstyle?! Just because your natural, doesn’t mean you can’t extend your length every now and then. Extensions can be used to create many protective hairstyles. Check out how to create these stunning 3 easy natural protective styles using extensions! You will be surprised at how easy these looks can be achieved!




 1. Extravagant Faux Updo Protective Hairstyle Hair Tutorial on Natural Hair

I would definitely try this hairstyle because it looks elegant and well done. Whoever were to see my hair like this were to think I went to the salon! A very beautiful look that I will definitely be diving into!


 2. How to do a weave ponytail with kanekalon hair!

I did this look!!! I’m kicking myself in the butt right now for not taking a picture of it, but it looked real! Another hairstyle that is great to keep your ends tucked and safe. Mine lasted a week before I took it down. I Washed the egg yolk, olive oil, castor, jojoba and almond oil hair treatment I did prior to taking the bun down, and voila, big fro again:)


3. Hair Tutorial: EASY Double-Rope Updo with Kanekalon Jumbo Braid

I fell in love with this look the second I saw it. After my epic fail once again at Senegalese twists (lol), I decided to opt for another look, in which with a twist of my own, succeeded on being one of the most elegant hair extensions styles I’ve tried in a while! This was worth it, and with a price of 4 dollars, the look appears thousands worth!

I actually did this style on myself with a different twist to it and loved it! Check it out!

IMG_20150220_180042465IMG_20150220_175906606 IMG_20150220_182217024 IMG_20150220_182459141 IMG_20150220_182521761

I received many compliments for this look, and decided to make it one of my signature looks to go out for a dinner date with my love. I hope you enjoyed those 3 easy to do natural hairstyles using extensions along with pics of me trying one of the styles! I will definitely be looking up more fabulous ladies to show beautiful natural hair styles with or without extensions. These looks can also be achieved if you have relaxed, transitioning, or natural hair! It’s very versatile so experiment, enjoy! Any questions, comments, or awesome hairstyles, never hesitate to let Linda know below!

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