Why I Stopped Doing Length Checks


Why I stopped doing length checks on my hair? Main reasons. 


A. I’m still not 100 percent natural but I’m definitely in the transitioning cycle now :)

B. Why length check if the relaxer hair is going bye bye?

I’ve been learning a lot about my hair recently, and now that I am about to make 1 year transitioning this April (yay!!), I am grateful I no longer length check. I now enjoy the journey and care for my new growth instead of worrying about how much my hair has grown. The point is…



Transitioning To Natural

Transitioning To Natural

My hair is growing so I put the measuring tape away and couldn’t be happier since I have! I literally was obsessing about hair growth int he beginning of my journey, like SUPER OBSESSING. I learned that everyone’s hair grows at different paces, and magical growth from neck length to waist length wont happen over night.


When is the relaxed hair going bye bye Linda, you ask?

By ending March beginning April it’s going Adios! I originally was going to do this by my 23rd birthday April 22nd, but due to my pregnancy and me being with a newborn by that time, I wont have time! So I sped up the time and decided, why not before my birthday instead?!


Will Linda miss her relaxed locks??

Heck no!! The whole point of my transitioning journey was to discover my natural hair, learn to manipulate it, and most importantly, get rid of those relaxed dead weight hair! After all the hair styling and things I’ve done to my hair the past year, I really feel I’m ready to take it on! My hair has actually been much more manageable since my recent mini chop in December!


What new hairstyles will I be doing with my new found natural locks come March/April?

Anything I can do to style it basically! I’m trying to use limited heat to no heat at all. In fact, I only want to flatten my hair once to twice a year from now on. I really want to value my natural locks that I will have by that time.

My hair 5 years ago smh…

May 2009180845_10150144953833619_2314939_nEWWW!!! Burned, mistreated, and butchered hair. Flattened every other day YES I KNOW!! X_x, I truly didn’t know how to take care of my hair…BUT I’M LEARNING NOW! And I guarantee you that this will never, EVER, be me again!! High school is long over, and my hair has never been healthier now!


To wrap it up…

These are the reasons I stopped doing length checks. When will I possibly length check again? Probably by the middle of this year. But to be every month with a measuring tape like I was… uhh NO. That has stopped and remaining that way. I am very happy that my one year mark is just around the corner! Time really does fly!!! Any questions or comments, feel free to ask Linda Below! Thank you!

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