Unhealthy to Healthy Hair: Linda’s story

To grow a nearly 4 inches worth in length of hair in 3 months amazed me! My hair began to pass my shoulders and was so shiny and strong; No longer falling out and radiant! Who would’ve thought how easy it would be to grow hair this fast!? Forget the wigs, forget the constant heat, and forget the over styling, what for!? With these tips you’re sure to get the length you wish to achieve in as little as 3 years or less!

I can grow my hair just as long as the wigs I wear (waist length) and I’m out to prove it. I’m Dominican by birth and by both parents and became a proud citizen of the United States of America last year. I don’t need relaxers, and I knew I definitely needed to stop killing my hair every time I saw the roots begin to grow with over flattening and relaxing burning my hair bad.

But how was I going to go heat-less without looking well, ratchet ha-ha?

Simple enough, the answer to that was to find a product and a protective style like buns or braids that could control my hair. My hair is sort of hard to describe; it’s between a little coarse to near curly straight hair when wet, the perfect poof.


This is a hairdo I had about week before my 22nd birthday; this was way before I began using the products that helped my hair. But already it was healthy due to a month of no heat. This is my natural hair. I began my Journey mid-March of using no heat after my son turned three. After hours, days, months, of what seemed forever to find a good product I finally found one that worked best for me! I started using the products by Earth snail slime (not exactly what’d you’d expect, creamy and natural) called Baba de Caracol which I purchased on amazon. These are natural Dominican products that helped me regain the strength and balance of my natural Dominican hair.


What the heck is in it though??

Hydrolyzed collagen, vitamin A and E, mineral oil, elastin which are great things to strengthen and revive hair. I began co-washing (washing with conditioner instead of shampoo ( shampoo strips moisture and good oils from hair with the evil ingredient: Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate, which is unfortunately in almost every shampoo brand out there) but you’ll be safe with shampooing once or twice a month like I do. I’ll go explaining all the things I do to my hair in more blogs if you want to find out, but I’ll give you important details here too.


A new Beginning & A new me!

The main thing I discovered to how to make my hair grow healthy, long and strong would be the start of a healthier lifestyle. What you eat does have an effect on how fast your hair and nails grow. So along with the many steps I needed to begin, I figured wait a minute, let me take it one step at a time. First I need to strengthen my hair from the inside out, but the question was how?



I came across articles speaking of MSM and glucosamine Schiff Glucosamine HCl 1500 mg Plus MSM 1500 mg Per 3 coated tablets, 150 coated tablets, Biotin 2 of Natrol Biotin 10,000mcg, Maximum Strength, 100 Tablets, , and silica Solgar, Oceanic Silica, 100 Vegetable Capsules. One extra ingredient I did get for my hair, even though I’m not pregnant, prenatal vitamins Nature Made Prenatal Multi Vitamin Value Size, Tablets, 250-Count have essential vitamins including b12 that promotes your hair to grow stronger. Well I went scoping on amazon since I can read product reviews and consider for myself whether that is safe or right for me; after carefully reading I bought all of them.


Pills and pills oh my goodness how many was I to take?!

Approximately 7 pills a day lol!! It was a crazy move but approximately 4 weeks later I noticed a difference in my hair strength, length, and texture! It was true! The pictures below are 3 months apart. My hair looked pretty but it wasn’t healthy and I was NOT gaining any length. I was tired of it! I needed a change and I needed it now. I began taking care of my hair and…

me linda chick long hair

I became so ecstatic at the length I reached (nearly 4 inches) that I kept measuring my hair in the mirror amazed simply because I could not believe it, and I kept showing everyone too! I began taking my vitamins in the beginning of May! My goal is to take these pills for 6 months to a year for ultimate results. Alongside from all those excellent benefits, they are also great for your joints and bone structure, they help keep them strong. No moving on to…


Split Ends prevention:

Let’s talk about dead split, burned ends… CUT IF OFF!


This pic…RATCHEEET!!! Eww yuck look at those ends! This was taken around beginning of March before my hair journey. My ends looked so ratchet but I still insisted on flattening them to perfection, not. It’s not helping and doesn’t look cute at all. Snipping those dead burned ends will benefit your growth, it’s going to hurt when you see that length of hair fall but BELIEVE YOU ME, you’re doing yourself a favor and your hair will thank you later lol!

That is exactly what I did; I cut off 1 inch of split ends and gained back 2 inches with healthy ends! All those split ends from over styling and heating were looking rather ratchet and needed to go. I began doing once a week deep condition treatments as well leaving conditioner in my hair and leaving a shower cap on for an hour to stimulate the scalp. Protect your ends and seal them with a moisturizer, I use jojoba oil, castor oil, coconut oil, or sweet almond oil all natural! I switch every day and use a different one.


To wrap it up, Massage you’re scalp more it feels awesome!

Daily massages help to stimulate the scalp even if it’s for 5 to 10 minutes a day, it really makes a difference. You can actually wash your hair every other day or every day and stimulate your scalp in there ladies lukewarm water not hot)!), it doesn’t matter what hair type you have as long as you don’t wash it with shampoo every single time you wash your hair you’re good to go! Co washing is the best choice for me considering you’re moisturizing each time you wash it so you’re actually replenishing the roots and giving back to your hair from roots to end. At night which I’m guilty of and forget rather a lot at night, sleep with a silk scarf or silk or satin sleeping cap.


By drinking water and having a healthy diet, anyone can have strong beautiful healthy hair (unless you have a medical condition go to the doctors and get a checkup before investing in vitamins). Watching YouTube videos of women who had hair always at shoulder length just like mine and brittle and have it grow to their waist inspired me! That is why I am on a hair journey, already seeing results after three months almost 4 inches, and updating myself with month to month pics of my growth to keep myself motivated. Any hair is manageable it just takes getting to know your hair, motivation, and strong belief that if anyone’s hair can grow and it WILL grow, it’s yours.

Happy Growing!


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