Unhealthy Hair Habits – 5 Things You Should Never Do

Unhealthy Hair Habits

Hair can be your best friend, or your worst enemy. It all depends how you treat it. If you water a plant it will bloom and grow beautifully, but if you let it dry out it will get brown, crispy, dry and just be…dead. Don’t let that happen to your hair. You may be asking, what can I possibly be doing wrong to have hair that is UN-moisturized or lacking shine? Why does my hair smell like I burned it? I did (when I was a senior in high school). These are many unhealthy hair habits that I once had.

1. Quit twirling it!

You’re actually causing breakage and bad at that, you cause your ends to split and end up causing unevenness. Now not all unevenness is caused by twirling habits. If you happen to be dealing with a side of your hair that grows faster than the other side, there’s ways to deal with it.

2. Flatten less!

If you begin to over heat your hair, things might not go so well, why not go for heat less hairstyles for a while! Going heatless gives your hair a break and allows you time to do something else for a while. When hair becomes flattened too often, that can cause your pretty kinks to actually, go straight. If you love to flatten cut it down to once a month or once every two months.

3. Over shampooing

Shampoo is the number one cause of dry hair. When you shampoo your hair every day or every other day you actually dry out your scalp. Once a week shampooing will clean your scalp just enough, no need to kill it with the stuff. If you are a hair junkie, instead of shampooing, rinse with conditioner if you just can’t stay away from shampoo.

4. Brushing and Combing INCORRECTLY

YES! You can brush and comb your hair incorrectly, it’s possible. If your hair can’t quite tolerate a comb, try finger combing it. Sometimes it is the best solution.

5. Hot water

This has to be the most unhealthy hair habit. Hot water is not good for your hair or skin, I’ve said this before. All it does is weaken the strands causing breakage. If you ladies like to hit the hot tub, tie your hair up and try to keep it out of the water. For a shower, shower cap.

To wrap it up…

To achieve longer hair, you have to let your hair be sometimes. Don’t you ever wonder why it is that most guys hair grows so much faster than girls? It’s because we mess with it too much, guys just let it be. Believe me, I know it’s not easy to leave your hair alone, but it’s possible! Push yourself and you will see less and less breakage. Cut back these unhealthy hair habits, and you will see a difference. Any questions or comments, fell free to ask Linda below!

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