Transitioning To Natural Hair – What I Didn’t Know

There are many things I didn’t know about transitioning to natural hair. My hair has changed dramatically and although I love it, it’s left me with many surprises lol.

Transitioning to natural is not an easy task, but it’s worth it to me. You have to change products, brushes, combs, many things when you no longer relax your hair. You save more money (no more relaxers), you use less heat, and you learn more about organic products that stimulate hair growth and keep your natural hair healthy! The biggest question I had was…

 What would my hair type be??

Transitioning to Natural

Transitioning to Natural Hair

One major thing that I didn’t know about transitioning to natural hair was what my hair would look like! It sounds silly but the increase of volume I have now, I didn’t expect to have with wet hair. I thought my hair would go down when wet but my natural hair never looks wet when wet! It’s really cool in a way how it feels wet but looks completely dry!!

Growing up relaxed…

As a little girl at the age of 7 or 8, my mother began relaxing my hair due to my constant crying when she was combing or styling it. My mother is of Spaniard descent, but both my parents are Dominican, like me. Her hair is similar to my sons, a 3A-B like texture pretty, curly and fine. I used to whine and say I wanted her hair and not my dad’s (which is of African descent). Looking back now, I’m actually very grateful for the hair that God gave me. And even though my father passed away 9 years ago, I know he would be proud of me right now for valuing my natural roots!

1. What’s a big Chop!!?

The term Big Chop scared me so much. I watched endless YouTube videos about relaxed women who had enough and chopped all of their hair off! I was mortified at the thought of having hair way above my neck, especially since I didn’t know what type of hair I had or how to properly care for it!! I panicked and thought, no, there has to be an easier way to be natural, but how? Transitioning of course!! While I transition I can begin caring and learning about my new growth, while slowly snipping away the relaxed ends.


All the terms of hair we’re confusing to me haha. I used to go to natural’s blogs (which I still do) and see people writing I love my TWA( teeny weeny afro) which I now understand what that meant. I had to Google it (-_- yeah, I know) in order to understand what:

TWA -(teeny weeny afro)

MBL -(Mid back length)

WL-(waist length)

APL-(Armpit length)

BSL-(Bra strap length)

The list is endless I could go on forever. These are the main one’s that I learned about hair talk and I sure am glad I did.

3. Line of Demarcation??

I never heard of those in my relaxer days. I was also very illiterate when it came to knowing about my hair. The line of demarcation is the most fragile part of your transitioning hair. It’s the part where your relaxed hair, and natural hair meet. It has to be watched very closely and cared for gently (especially detangling). The reason behind this is due to when you do cut your relaxed ends, you want that part to be healthy so you that you won’t have to cut more than just the relaxed ends. If this part is mistreated, you may have to end up chopping some of your natural locks too and that’s a no no.

4. The Miracles of Natural Products

My hair has never felt softer now (well the natural part lol)! Thanks to all the products I began using on my hair, my hair has done a 360 spin!

Almond oil, Castor oil, Coconut oil, Jojoba oil and that’s just a few of the things I’ve been using on my natural hair journey!

5. How It Would Change Me

Not only has transitioning opened my eyes to all the beautiful types of natural hair, it has changed me as a person. I feel more confident when I style and manage my hair now compared to my relaxing days where I didn’t. I eat better, exercise, and drink so much water now whereas before, I didn’t. I have become motivated by so many woman empowered by they’re hair that I’ve come to realize that just like them, I am not my hair. One video that I did see left me in tears. A girl who calls herself shameless Maya on YouTube. She literally cut and shaved all her beautiful hair off to prove a point. We’ve become so hooked on hair and how it should look. I’m through with those days of every week straight, sleek and dead hair which is why 8 months ago, I began to transition to natural. I just want to continue being happy and being myself on my journey, transitioning to natural hair! Any questions or comments ask Linda below! Happy transitioning!

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