Tips to Maintain Pressed Hair

1. Hair protection during a shower


HAHAHAHA! We all know that putting a shower cap to protect against flattened hair isn’t enough! The water still gets in and it’s very annoying. I like to tie my hair into a small bun, put a sleeping cap on, and THEN the shower cap. This is only when my hair is flattened.

After you get out of the shower, remove the shower cap and make sure you dry your shoulders well, including your EARS and face because the water left over will damage your hairstyle.Afterwards take of the sleeping cap and let your hair down. Not that many steps right? I guarantee that it will be much better than having to re-flatten pieces of hair that got wet. Remember: less heat is healthier hair.


2. Oils


Your ends will get thirsty so apply some natural oils to keep them hydrated, moisturized, and shiny. This will help out and maintain your shiny bouncy look alive! I like to use Coconut oil because it smells so good! 


3. Avoid re-pressing, if you must, take precaution.

Please avoid this from happening to you tsk tsk…

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As much as we all love heat, curls, straight, whatever, don’t over heat your hair too long, total damage! The more heat you apply over your hairs ends, the more damage you are doing to your hair. Prevent split ends by avoiding repressing, if you are going to touch it up, use a heat protector. Also don’t leave the straightening object you’re using over your hair for more than 2 seconds. Just fix the areas that need work, don’t go over parts that are flat. Try not to do this every day, the most I would recommend is twice a week for the time period your hair is straight. I usually last about a week and a half.


4.   Avoid too much sun!


We love those fresh rays of light warming us up on a summer day, however…this dries out your hair and actually makes split ends happen on your nicely pressed hair. Try wearing a hat to protect your hair or a scarf, something that you like and compliments your style. If you’re going to go to the beach or the pool, before you get in apply a protecting conditioner in your hair and leave it in, it will strongly minimize strand damage against chlorine and salt water. Make sure you rinse you’re hair after swimming. Leaving  in the chlorine or salt water can slowly begin to dry your hair out like the Sahara desert!



5.  Sleep with a sleeping cap at night!


Sleeping caps may not be the ultimate style but your hair will thank you for this! Tie your hair in a loose ponytail, slip it on, cover all of your hair, go to sleep, wake up, remove it, behold your beautiful UN-messed up hair! Just comb it and get it back in your style, takes less than 2 minutes.You can try to be hot and go to bed with your hair loose like I’ve done in the past. Yep, my hair wasn’t so pretty in the morning, point blank.


To wrap it up…

These are the ways I protect my hair when I flat iron it. I haven’t done a relaxer since January and plan to stay away from them possibly forever. I’m currently on a no heat to limited heat journey, so far so good! When I wear it flattened, this is what I do to prevent damage. Flattening twice a month on a low setting with protection is safe, flattening every day, hmm, not so much. You thin your hair out, split your ends, and it begins to look like the broomstick no one uses anymore -_-. I know because I used to be that broomstick HAHAHAHA! You have to protect your hair the way you would your skin. After all you only have one head of hair, do you want it destroyed? Happy protecting!

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