Secrets for Longer Healthier Natural hair!

I would like to share with you the secrets for longer healthier natural hair. Well…it’s not really a secret anymore since I like you all so much and I’m spilling!  If you want long or even just healthy natural hair, you need to start doing these things more often to achieve that:

1. Get rest!

Tori K Webb: Find Rest, O my Soul
Yes, the more rest you get each night, the more time your body has to recover from your long day. To grow long natural hair, you need to send signals to your body that you’re resting. By doing that you have to actually rest. A body can only take so much, give your body a break and lay down for crying out loud!

2. Watch what you eat

Are you in a very unhealthy diet? Maybe you should reconsider what you’re putting in your body before complaining that your hair just doesn’t grow; everyone’s hair grows at its own pace. However, I can guarantee you that eating right, is the best place to start to achieve longer, healthier, natural hair. Try to stick to foods that don’t have a paragraph of ingredients, ever wonder why Andrew Zimmern doesn’t eat hot dogs? Huge reason behind that, yet I still eat them occasionally lol.

3. What are you drinking?

Are you a huge soda fan? Perhaps you enjoy your drinks on the rocks every night: If you’re doing so stop now. Limit your intake on these beverages and instead drink water and make power smoothies! Anyone can throw in some fruits and veggies and blend the perfect drink. The best part is fruits and vegetables have natural sugars in it, so you don’t need to add any in!

4. Don’t stress!


If you over stress and think about things too much (guilty), your hair will pay for that by growing extremely slowly or worse, breakage. Yes your hair can actually break from stress, how you ask? Easy: You are having a bad day, you’re aggravated and you begin to style your hair and angrily brush or comb it! Stop! You are hurting your hair: If you are having a bad day, don’t even touch your hair, give yourself a break or take a walk.

5. Quit measuring!

Do you sleep with a measuring tape in your hand…? Burn it. Measuring your hair sometimes is ok, but constantly length checking it every day is not going to give you the results you need. Try and length check every 3 months instead or every 6. I stopped doing length checks when I was transitioning to natural because I saw no purpose in it. Now however, I will start again every 3 months just to see if I’m headed in the right direction.


I hope you enjoyed my secrets for longer healthier natural hair. It will take baby steps to get there, but you will one day. Unless you have a medical condition where your hair has little to no growth, these will work for you. If you do have a condition like that, speak to your doctor about maybe considering a multivitamin to boost you up. Any questions or comments feel free to ask Linda below, thank you!

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