Protecting Natural and Transitioning Hair During the Winter


Oh my gosh its freezing out!! Time to begin protecting natural and transitioning hair during the winter! The cold could be a good or bad thing depending on how you take it.

Me cold?…nahhhh, I’m still wearing short sleeve shirts with jeans lol!!

Well, growing up in Lawrence Massachusetts as a young child, this cold in Florida is honestly like paradise! The snow? Beautiful, however I feel bad for those who have to shovel the walkway as my parents did at 5 am in the morning before work.


However, since the cold weather is here, more updo’s for me are crucial if I want to protect my ends against this weather. Last year around this time I was still transitioning, I did many twist outs and all kinds of hairstyles on my hair. Now that I’m natural, protecting natural hair during the winter is definitely new to me.

I have a few selections that are going to work wonders for me and you, short or long haired transitioners and naturals!:)


1. Beanies, stylish hats and scarves

IMG_20141119_083618 IMG_20141119_083554


Great for Twa’s looking for a cute quick do! I recently got a cute red beanie hat to wear when I do cornrows or flat twists. I leave the style in for a week and it literally goes with almost every outfit I have! Cute and comfy 2c’s!

2. Deep condition your hair for roots to tips protection from the dry cold air

Deep conditioning your hair is crucial to protect your ends from getting too dry with the weather. I like to condition my hair, then put a plastic cap on and let it sit for 30 min. It really makes a difference when I’m ready to style my hair.

3. Protective styles that gives your hair a break from styling for a week or two

This one I am trying today actually!! I’m excited:) My natural sistas went all out with this one! I love all their videos, Toni is my hair crush, shes the one styling her hair in the video above:).

I look at endless Pinterest  styles and wonder, I could so rock that lol! Of course, no one said certain styles are easy, but practice makes perfect:)

4. Find fun stylish accessories for your hair and mix and match them with your outfits

This can range from bows, clips or cute trinkets for TWA’s to stylish clips for big or medium FROs! Get creative and see what looks you can create with your hair.


To wrap it up…

Keep it fun, sassy, and…protected! Love your hair and care for it well this winter, be safe! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ask Linda below, thanks! Oh yes, and the adorable little girl in my feature photo is my only and beautiful niece Nathalie:).

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