New Curl Defining Products for Type 4 Hair


Happy New Years it is officially 2015 and I’ve discovered new curl defining products for type 4 hair that are making me see all the difference! I hope you all had a safe and fun new year with family, friends, coworker…etc.! We celebrated the new years with hubby’s boss and coworkers at his boss’s place, beautiful home! I also received a new years kiss and calls from family and friends making the night more heartwarming♥

 Onto the hair stuff…

I’m coming up on my one year anniversary being fully natural, and my two year anniversary of when I first began transitioning! Yeah….that sounds a bit confusing, I know lol. I’ve experimented with so many products and have made my official selections. I still use my Dominican hair products as well, it just depends what kind of hair style i’m aiming towards! There are products that worked for my transitioning hair, but just don’t for my natural locks.

I’ve been trying some different products out and just love the results I’ve been getting! Inexpensive and even at your local Walmart or online, here’s the list below:

My new curl defining products!

I’ve started using organix line of products a few days ago and already love the results I’m getting!

1. Motions foaming wrap lotion

This is a wrap lotion to set hair, but people don’t realize that you can use it for other things too! It set my curls so beautifully and leaves them bouncy, natural, and UN stiff. Let’s just say my hair still looks good after last night:) no frizz!

2. Renewing Argan oil of morocco-Organix

Just a dime size amount per quadrant is all your dampened hair needs with this stuff! It’s so light with a natural scent; it blends well with other products like eco styler gel too.

3. Nourishing coconut milk anti breakage serum oil-Organix

I fell in love with this when my mother in law gave it to me! It really helped keep the balance of my twist out. The same as the Argan oil, no sticky residue!

4. Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo OGX

I felt my scalp get an intense yet gentle clean from this shampoo! What I love about their products is they’re sulfate free, making your hair free of dryness and breakage!

5. Renewing Argan oil of morocco intense moisturizing treatment

Miracle oil for the driest of all hair, this product really speaks for itself! It’s so intense that just like the coconut oil, a little bit goes a long way! The smell is so good and light, it glides right through dampened hair making detangling easier.


To wrap it up…

I hope everyone had a great new years and I can’t believe its 2015 already! Get ready everyone, because this year is going to be epic!! I plan to start doing hair tutorials so everyone can I see how I do my hair…for real this time, I will! Lol, any questions or comments, always feel free to ask or comment Linda below, thank you!!

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