Natural Hairstyles For Teeny Weeny Afros

Natural Hairstyles For Teeny Weeny Afros

I’ve found 5 videos demonstrating natural hairstyles for teeny weeny Afros, like my sisters, which has grown rather quickly since the last time you saw it! If you’re having trouble managing your hair after the big chop, check out some of these videos to help give you ideas!

1. Defined Curls

This hairstyle is one I’ve featured in another video, 5 must haves for natural hair! It’s actually natural sistas lol, I put natural sisters on that video. Anyhow, I love their videos! Carmen shows us how it’s done, simple and cute. You just have to love teeny weeny Afros!

2. Finger shingling

Mee Mahrii explains to us a bit about her hair, and how she’s going to style it. It’s a lengthy process, but according to her, the style lasts all week (with proper night care, wear that sleeping cap!).

3. Twist out

OnlyJMarie demonstrated her twist out techniques in this video! Her results came out beautiful and I simply adore her eyes!! This is an overnight hairstyle!

4. Finger coils

Carmen has done it again! This natural sista has shown us how to achieve an amazing finger coil hairstyle. If you have lots of spare time to spend in front of the mirror, try it! You will be surprised and the results are worth it!

5. Roller set with finger coils

Do you have roller sets hanging around your house? If so, put them to good use! They have many in different sizes. She achieved her look with rollers and by finger coiling, no heat!


Popular products used to achieve these hairstyles:


1. Eco styler gel


2. Olive oil


3. Denman brush

To wrap it up…

Don’t get discouraged when you see your hair length, try some of these ideas out! It’d be wise to enjoy the length you have now, because by next year, you’ll be looking back at how far along your hair has come only to see that, some of these hairstyles will take a lot longer to do lol. I didn’t do the big chop, I transitioned for 11 months, but if I would have chosen to big chop, these hairstyles would be my guide! Any questions or comments, feel free to ask Linda below, thank you!

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  • Mblessed7

    Hi Linda, thanks for sharing…very great info. and oh yeah I know about the twa’s I also transitioned for a year but still my hair was in the twa stage from the shrinkage. Again thanks for sharing and Be Blessed.

    • Linda De La Cruz

      That’s really good you transitioned for a whole year too:) Great and thank you for the pictures! Your hair looks great and congrats to you and your welcome, thanks for tuning in!:)