Natural Hair 1 Year Post Relaxer

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This is my Natural hair 1 year post relaxer and 4 months! Time flies by amazingly fast, which is why it is important to document your hair journey. I’ve documented my hair journey by blogging about it, thanks to my boyfriend who helped me start the blog and actually influenced me to go natural!

My journey has been long but worth it! The best part is the journey is a never ending experience on how to deal with, love, and manage my hair. I’ve had a tremendous amount of hair growth that I am very happy with.

I performed a mini chop on my then transitioning hair to get it more manageable. I also got to have a glimpse  of more of my natural hair beneath.

I can say my hair has done a 360 spin and there are some hairstyles that just completely changed! Check some of them out below:)


1. Old bun, new bun!



2. Letting it Fro then, and letting it fro now!




3. Transitioning flat twist out, Natural flat twist out!


Huge difference between how it looked before and now. The ends would actually get all knotted and be nasty and matted compared to now where I get an epic looking twist out fro the longer I keep the style, like the pic below!



My then Relaxed washed hair, and now my natural washed hair!! Wash days are so much funner now!


I’ve discovered multiple hairstyles by researching and experimenting that I just love to do and that look amazing. I’ve also learned during my journey how to stay away from heat. My last hair straightening was in December 2012 after my mini chop, and I haven’t missed the straightener. I will straighten my hair soon just to see how it looks now, it’s been a while.

To wrap it up…

Natural hair comes in all shapes, sizes and textures. It is all beautiful and once you love it, it will grow♥ I hope you enjoyed my natural hair 1 year post relaxer! Any questions or comments feel free to ask Linda below, thank you!

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  • Cassyp4cHair .

    Your hair is beautiful! I love the before & then pictures. Happy Anniversary!!

    • Linda De La Cruz

      Thank you!! I really appreciate it! :)

    • Linda De La Cruz

      thank you so much!!:)