Natural Dominican Hair Products to Strengthen Hair

Natural Dominican Hair Products to Strengthen Hair

I’ve put together a list of 5 Natural Dominican Hair Products to Strengthen Hair. These products are fantastic and are great for moisturizing dry hair too! I’ve been using a product for my hair for the past 8 months that is truly a miracle worker for me. My soon to be Natural Dominican hair needs hydration every week due to the weather and over population of new growth. The first one on my list helps me to achieve this, and it smells so good that I open the can just to smell it sometimes!

The Halka Snail Slime “Baba de Caracol” Treatment

Not only is snail slime good for your skin, it’s really good for strengthening your hair too! “Snail slime – or, technically, Helix Aspersa Müller Glycoconjugates – is a complex mix of proteins, glycolic acids and elastin that has nature has developed as a way to protect snail skin from damage, infection and UV rays (Dumas, 2011).” This stuff is the real deal and it smells amazing!! I love dipping my hand into the giant 16 oz jar Baba de Caracol intensive treatment conditioner I have! I love it, it definitely strengthens my hair:D

BOE Crece Pelo Combo Set II for Hair Growth

BOE Crece Pelo Combo Set II for Hair Growth in English BOE Grows Hair Combo Set II is a combo pack of 4 Dominican natural hair growth products that assists in your hair growth journey! This one I am trying next, since my Baba de caracol is almost finished:(. It’s also a good idea to try different products and see how your hair reacts with it. There isn’t a Dominican product I’ve found that I don’t like so this has got to be good stuff! These products give you intense shines, repairs, moisturizes and conditions your hair.

Silicon Mix Hair Treatment

Pearl protein and silicon based aka wonders for your hair! This intensive capillary treatment is meant for your hair if it is lacking protein. Anything with protein in it has to be amazing. They have the shampoo’s as well that help clean your scalp.

Toque Magico Emergencia – Deep intensive hair treatment

Magic Touch Volume Control and Emergency Softening Mask Deep Acting Mask is the fast solution to hair issues. This is a newer product that came out, but I’ve tried the original emergency and it also smells awesome! I detangled my hair easily with it and it left my hair so soft I was in love!

Naturals Key Aloe Vera and Avocado Treatment Conditioner

Aloe Vera has long been known to do many things for our hair and skin. There are even Aloe Vera drinks with pulp (super yummy). This combo of Aloe Vera and Avocado are the ultimate two in one for your hair!

To wrap it up…

These five recommended Natural Dominican Hair Products are perfect to strengthen hair, all types. They help keep your hair growing strong, and are very popular in my countries hair salons! Natural has a way of causing all sorts of chaos, so it’s kind of nice to know that there are products that are by our sides:).Which one would you try!? Any questions or comments feel free to Ask Linda below, thank you!

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