My Son’s Long 3A Curly Hair Care Routine!

My son’s long 3A curly Hair care routine has been something I’ve done since he was 2 and a half. His hair type, texture, and color are the result of his mixed roots. He is mixed with Caucasian, Italian, German , and Dominican! Whew what a mix lol, he gets the Dominican side from me. I am 100% Dominican by both parents, by birth, and proud to have become an American citizen on October 25th, 2012!! His hair has come a long way!! He had his first haircut at the age of 2 September 2012!


Just a simple cut with shears, no buzzing involved. All I wanted was his hair to be even all over (had a tall patch of hair in the center and front of his hair lol). The little guy motivates me every day to not give up on my hair journey. I care for his hair and take time to treat it right, that’s why it has grown so much! He is currently at bra strap length when his hair is stretched!

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I know he’s only 3!! This is the routine I use to care for his long precious locks:

1. I part his hair in sections and  detangle with a wide tooth comb

His hair is fairly easy to detangle and the process takes 5-10 minutes.  I spray his hair with a conditioner and water solution, and the comb glides right through! Since he has loose curl patterns, it makes it much easier to detangle. I don’t use a little comb because it’s harmful to his curls and will hurt him (anyone really!). I brush his hair softly with a bristle brush afterwards and put it back in a low ponytail. It’s a low ponytail not a high one, I know he’s not a little girl jeez!

2. To avoid tangling at night, its tied in a loose bun or ponytail


A loose bun is the way to go when it comes to bed time. I learned the hard way that leaving his hair loose, will result in a tangled matted mess. I try my best to remember every night to tie his hair into a loose comfortable bun so he can sleep, he also reminds me lol.

3. I don’t wash it everyday, to avoid drying it out

The worst thing to do to this hair type or any for the case, is to wash and shampoo it every night. I wash and lightly shampoo my sons hair once a week. I follow through conditioning with baba de caracol deep conditioner treatment. It leaves his hair soft and shiny I love it! If I decide to leave his hair loose, I use eco styler gel on him.

4. No going to bed with wet hair

I don’t allow him to go to bed with wet hair ever! It has resulted in him waking up with a cold (runny nose, sneezing, yep), so I avoid doing the washing process at night when it’s wash day. We don’t like a cold head of wet hair touching a pillow. His hair is always dry and water free before bed time.

5. A good moisturizer

I use a small amount of coconut oil, or even my baba de caracol deep conditioner to seal his ends. The days his hair is too dry, I spray a solution i made of baba de caracol conditioner and water to give his hair life again. This really helps on those dull days, and if I want to leave it loose, once again, I apply eco styler gel!


  To Wrap it up… That’s it, there you have it! My son has been natural since birth and I am on a journey to be natural lol. His hair is a lot longer than my hair, but I admire his growth and I love combing his hair! Some people ask me why I would grow out his hair if he’s not a girl? I’ve been told, “when are you cutting that ponytail!?” That’s not the point. He has beautiful hair, why would I want to chop all that off?? He still looks like a boy (to anyone with good eye site -_-). I dress him like a little boy, he loves his cars, and it’s obvious he’s not a girl, so people can think whatever they want. In the end, he’s my little boy with beautiful long 3A curly hair! The day he gets tired of it, then we can cut it. But I ask him, “Rudy, do you want a hair cut, you know, chop it all off?” And he gasps and looks at me like I’m a murderer and says, “no mommy, I love my hair”, ever so sincerely. That cute little sweetie, I wont cut his hair. Any questions or comments, feel free to ask Linda below, thank you!

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